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    I'm not going to say whether they are bad or not. Everyone has different taste so somebody probably likes them. Instead I'm going to point out a couple of things I found odd.

    Majority of the commercials have Russell Brand explaining what webos can do. His English lingo and humor may make it difficult for people to understand what webos actually does. Besides webos is a complicated platform. Another thing I noticed is that the back of the touchpad or top portion of the back is viewable. You don't see the HP logo. It looks like RB is holding a generic tablet.

    Russell Brand as a spokesperson. I don't get it. Who is HP targeting? I think its safe to assume that when you see RB you don't think organized or business minded. At the same time the commercials don't show HP's fun stuff (eg vid games, vid recording etc). As a result the viewer is in a hazy middle.

    A good short vid of the touchpad features is the "Blue shirt" spotlight on best buy's website. Very informative and fun 2min video. HP should've licensed it from best buy and saved a couple of million by not using RB.
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    A 2 minute video is different than a 30 second commercial segment. I think HP is trying to aim the Touchpad at the 18-40 market. Trying to get through to the yuppies as opposed to the tech geeks. If you don't make information entertaining or pleasant to watch, people will just see it as one of the many tablet drones for geeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dvigilante1 View Post
    Besides webos is a complicated platform.
    I respectfully disagree.

    What makes the platform difficult? Are there areas that can be improved on to understand navigation of the software?
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