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    Hi, I've been using my touchpad for a little over a week and have been experiencing issues with touch sensitivity. There seems to be a specific area on the screen where it doesn't register touch very well. In landscape view(speakers down), the problem area is at the A and S keys. In upside down portrait view(camera down), it is the L, K, and comma buttons. Whenever I try to type those keys, it would only register about 50% of the time.
    I have successfully duplicated it in the browser, just type, email, and other apps.
    Also, I did install the "increased touch sensitivity" patch, but upon removal I still have the same problems.
    I don't think this is a bug, but rather some hardware issue. What do you guys think?
    Should I try a Doctor before I send in for a replacement?
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    absolutely, you should try to doctor before any replacement. Most issues can be fixed with the doctor. However this does seem like a hardware issue. Make sure to post this in the touchpad bugs tread, and say exactly how you were able to duplicate the issue.

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