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    I checked today and my local Walmart had no Touchpads on display. Bizarre.
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    Not all Walmart stores are carrying them.
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    the one i visited saturday had no sign of them either.
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    Same thing at my local Wally-world.
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    The hard launch is still continuing. Give it time...(kidding a little bit)
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    i make a point of going in the one near me that is NOT carrying it, and asking about it each day ;-)
    (have to look for new sales people each time )
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    I've been to 2 wal-marts near me and neither of them have a TouchPad display.

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    My local Walmart doesnt have a display but it carries the TouchPad. Its in a locked container with a clear door underneath some Kindles.
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    I have yet to see a Wal-Mart with it out. But hey, I have been to several Best Buys, and they all have it out, so...there is that...When I exchanged my first defective one, there was a guy just buying the Asus transformer. I think that's a slick device. But I really think this thing has some potential, I hope it does better than the Pres have against their competitors. There is a large untapped market here, I think.
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    i actually got moine from walmart july2nd. louisville ky. however not all in this state have local walmart had 6
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    My walmart has it, but it is not plugged in so it just has a black slab for people to look at. I asked how they were selling and the guy said people want the ipad, those sell out the instant the arrive in the store, he had not seen a single touchpad sell. he did say though that people were starting to give other pads attention because they were "smaller and cheaper than the ipad" weird huh?

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