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    When I launch the browser and I start typing some search terms in the URL bar it always tries to search with Wikipedia. I went into the Preferences of the browser and the default engine is indeed Wikipedia. So I press the down arrow to change it to Google or Bing and the only other options I have are Amazon and IMDB. Where'd Google go?

    I do have encrypted Google Search set up in Just Type, but for some reason I can't get Google or Bing to be an option in my web browser. What have I done wrong?
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    How do you setup the encrypted search?
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    Quote Originally Posted by akshunj View Post
    How do you setup the encrypted search?
    See step number 5:
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    Not possible at this time since Palm for some reason has not chosen to have the search engine reflected in both places.

    Tell Palm that this is a bug and that it needs to be fixed.
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    Well, crap. That totally sucks. So unless I Doctor my TouchPad, I'm stuck with Wikipedia as my default browser search engine. *sigh* I don't even know how I removed Google as a browser search engine, I certainly don't remember doing it.
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    Dang it, just found out that this happened to me today, after running EPR to fix an UberCalendar update problem. I wonder if that was it, or one of the patches that got reinstalled :'(

    Update: It was the Enable Private Browsing patch that removed the regular Google search and offered to replace with a Secure version. Should enable that after installing, I guess.
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    As posted above, this was fixed by removing the Enable Private Browsing patch, then changing the setting either in the Browser preferences, or from the Just Type preferences.

    I reinstalled the Enable Private Browsing patch and didn't have any problems anymore..

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