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    Wouldn't it be cool if the touchpad could keep two active cards open at the same time, side by side?

    Landscape: For example, having a browser and a memo app open, cutting and pasting betwen the two.

    Portrait: Have a video and a memo app open, perhaps writing a view of the memo app

    Size adjust: instead of both cards opened to 50% of screen size each, have a draggable border between them that you an use to change the size

    Three or more: Stacks are great on a phone, but silly on a 10": why not display three or more. Not chaotic like Windows, but snappable to a raster. Pinch to re-Stack (or reverse pinch to "Spread" - my new word for a displayed Stack.

    What do you think?
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    That's kind of what Glimpse is aiming for. But split screen would be cool!

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