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    Well, the touchpad WAS right there on the Sunday Best Buy ad, so decided to stop by. Noticed there was a TP ad running on to in house tvs back near the computers and the display was set up, and they even had all the accessories right there.

    BUT, neither of the two TPs were charged up even though it looked like they were plugged in, all you could get on the screen was the plug graphic. . Mentioned it to one of the BB guys who fiddled with the connections, but obviously knew nothing about the device. He said not sure why not working since had been using the same plugs for the veer.

    Complained to a couple manager types that it's pretty bad form not to have the device you are highlighting in the ads and on the in-store promos charged up for people to play with.

    Nobody seemed to concerned about it, finally before I left a geek squad guy headed back to see what he can do.

    Making matters worse (for the TP) there was a Samsung guy there showing off the galaxy to everyone he could. Lastly noticed several tablets had reduced their prices today, undercutting HP in the ads and at the stores.

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    I can't believe the Geniuses at Bestbuy thought you could run the Huge touchpad off the tiny Veer charger?

    They may look smiliar but I would bet the Touchpad puts out way more amps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard83 View Post
    They may look smiliar but I would bet the Touchpad puts out way more amps.
    Indeed it does.
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    I stopped at the Best Buy near the Florida Mall in Orlando. Nice young lady there from HP proudly showing off her personal TP while working the display with no less than 6 functional & web connected TP's. She was doing a great job.

    Next door at HHGregg there were two charged up but nom-web connected display units with no one offering to show them (or any tablet) at all. Quite a difference - exact same prices for TP & accessories at both.

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    Still no joy!

    Went back to the best buy today and sure enough, the things are still not powered up. Was approached by a sales guy who asked: "interested in the touchpad? " I said, "not if I can't play with it. " he stated they had had problems with them right from the start. I noted that, if they were using the veer charger, that might be an issue. After checking with "someone" he came back and said that as the charger hp had provided.

    Meanwhile a man comes up to buy a tablet for his daughter and of course, the salesman takes the guy over to the nearby row of other tablets that are actually working to show him how they work.
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    HP's 3rd party reps aren't doing them any favors in South Florida. I went to the brand new Best Buy right next to my house on Saturday to check out the display and found that two of the four touchpads weren't working because they were plugged into a powered usb splitter for charging. Also the one functional veer on display wasn't very functional. It was frozen on the boot up screen. I restarted the veer, but found that there wasn't a sim card. While I was searching on my pre to see if I could find a way to bypass the sim card prompt and put the phone into demo mode a salesman asked me if I needed any help. I politely informed him that I had reset his display phone and was looking for a way to put it into demo mode and then mentioned that the touchpads required the chargers they were shipped with to receive the correct amperage. He asked me if I was a rep and I said "No, but this probably wouldn't look good if a HP secret shopper came in would it?". He got all bug eyed and walked away. I couldn't find anything on the veer at the time and gave up, bought my touchpad keyboard and left. I haven't been back to see if they've changed anything yet. At least I scared the guy from the wireless department.

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