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    In an attempt to arrange the order in which the accounts appear on my accounts panel (since I can't manually move/rearrange them as on previous versions) I deleted my exchange, gmail and yahoo accounts. Upon recreating them, the exchange account will not show up under my accounts list. It will go through all the login details but upon pressing the "Create Account", the screen will change to the created accounts list but the Live account will not appear. I have tried this about 15 times even after a reboot and closing the email app but to avail.

    Please help.

    Tech support may contact me

    using manual setup to use
    as the mail servers
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    I had a similar problem with removing/adding gmail. If you go in the launcher and click on "accounts" (not the mail client), find your exchange/live account and click on that. With my gmail account everything was set to "off" and the mail client wouldn't display my gmail inbox. Had me stumped for a bit.
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    I did try searching for the email but it still did not show up. I did fail to mention that I am using the manual setup so that I can have IMAP support and I can receive my email 'As it Arrives'.

    I have used the default setup and added the account in the Contacts, Calendar and Email app, separately and it now displays only in the Email app but not the Contacts or the Calendar apps. However, this is not IMAP and I will not receive the emails as they arrive. This is how I have it set up on my PrPrPr&#$275$;.
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    This is a BUG!!

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    I deleted my exchange account and then tried to get back to it. Could not get it to work at all from the mail app, finally went to accounts and saw the account was added but had email switched off. I switched it on and the mail app showed the account again.
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    As a last resort try using the doctor and reinstalling webOS. I already did this and although it takes a while for all the apps to download it did work.

    My suggestion is enter your web os profile information and then only set up your wifi to download everytihng. Icons for your apps will have a dark circle above them that eventually rotate to show progress of each one.

    Once everything is done your TP will be nice and responsive then you will need to input your passwords again.

    I wish I new how to order the accounts as I would like my work exchange account on top but not the end of the world for me.
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