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    Hey i am from hong kong/singapore.

    Already using my touchpad and veer.

    Touchpad is having a good start i would say. Expect it to get better with veer updates and touchpad updates.

    I think definitely GESTURES needs to be back with all webOS devices.

    I agree that BACK button needs to be visible in the applications. As most people find back gesture confusing.

    But the point is for us advance users, the back swipe can always equal that back button in all programs!

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    you see I dont understand this. Try doing a back gesture on the touchpad, you have quite a long area to swipe in and for the most part your digits (your fingers that is) are nowhere near the swipe area unlike the phone. The gestures work on your phone as its designed for one handed use with your thumb generally resting around that area anyways as well as the keyboard being right there. With a phone the gesture area is more efficient than a button, with a touchpad is actually a lot less efficient.

    Basically your hand is nowhere near the bottom of the device so a gesture area doesnt make sense. Gestures like the playbook, side swipes to switch apps makes sense, as does the swipe up gesture but back and forward no longer make sense.
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    well it doesn't have to be half the length of the gesture area. it can be a simple back flick.

    it sucks to look for the back button all the time if i want to go back/cancel

    it's always in different parts of the screen. a unified experience would be great.

    it can be on screen gestures.

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    I'm with chris. Dophin HD browser has done well for android with gesturing, back being simple arrow head. f for facebook and G for google, etc
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    I'm with you, Chris. Just the swipe-up gesture is not enough. I want the swipe-left and swipe-right gestures back!
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    I miss this gesture:

    When the programs are in card view, and you swipe the card down on the Pre it will maximize the card. They took that away for the TouchPad, unfortunately for me. Seems like a patch that would be easy enough to fix though.
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    A back gesture would be great. I miss that as well. I have a hard time getting used to a button to go back. Reminds me too much of IOS and it drives me nuts.
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    I am hoping they would allow the pixels on the left and right side edges to recognize a swipe off the edge to the left and right to give us forward and back gestures, in the same way the up gesture works. And maybe two fingers to page directly between apps. I really am missing those!

    Palm? Hello? I'm looking at you!!!
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    actually I dont miss the back gesture on the tablet at all its just not comfortable.

    I really like what they did with enyo. Instead of a back button you just slide the pane over and youre back to where you were. It works great for the facebook app, even the pre central HD one.
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    hmm what about a potential homebrew patch that would allow for 2 finger back gesture anywhere on the screen, that would be legit
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    A think a patch would be awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    I'm with you, Chris. Just the swipe-up gesture is not enough. I want the swipe-left and swipe-right gestures back!
    I would also like back swipe back as an option. Have it an advanced toggle under dettings. If it's not for you keep it off.
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    Ipad Jailbreak now has switch card gestures!
    Homebrewers pls help!
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    I agree that more gestures would be nice, but not using the bezel. Several times I have moved my thumb along the bezel while trying to move or rotate the TP and thought 'oh crap, I'm going to go back!', but no. I see the benefit of not using the bezel for gestures.

    The side swipe seems like a good idea. And though I have never really used multi-finger gestures, that could be something to get used to also.
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    MOAR Gestures NOW!
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    I am probably wrong, but I thought I saw a rectangle, a few pixels wide, along the outer edges when I demo'd the TP. If this rectangle is used to do the card view gesture (up from the bottom) I would assume the other 3 sides of the rectangle would be available. It would be cool to see 2 fingers across the left side moves the card left and switches to the card that is to the right of the current card, 2 fingers across the right side moves the card right (like advanced gestures on the phones), and then 2 fingers down from the top could be a back gesture.

    It all makes sense in my head anyway
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    Hate. Back. Buttons.
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    I agree with the OP...we could use a swipe from the right bezel into the screen as a back gesture. And at the very least, we need a unified back-button experience.
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