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    With the imminent release of the Pre 3 and 2.2 update for the Veer (wish really hard and it WILL happen) what sort of things do people want to be able to do with TouchToShare?

    I can think on the following in addition to the URL swapping we have seen demoed already:

    - Phone is in card view or has no applications open = open and enable wifi tethering in freetether. If already tethered disable it.
    - Phone with camera app open and active = transfer the last taken photo and open it on the Touchpad full screen.
    - Phone has special keyboard and cursor remote app open = phone becomes wireless bluetooth keyboard and controller for touchpad

    Maybe certain events and conditions and what happens in each case can be defined in a similar way that mode switcher works.

    Anyone got any more ideas?
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    I think it would b cool to have any card that you have pulled up on either your phone or TP make use of the ITS. Whether that b the calender, webpages, music, kindle book, etc...

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