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    not sure when it started happening but no interface or keyboard sounds work. Tried restarting and toggling settings in sounds.

    I do have preware installed with 9 patches. Should I uninstall 1 by 1 and see if that fixes it? Seems like a lot of work... :-(
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    I also tried to preview ringtone sounds in the sound settings app and they don't play.
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    Doctor it, if still no sound then contact retailer.
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    before you run off to the doctor, try rebooting the device
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    this has been reported elsewhere. Restarting the touchpad should solve it.

    doctoring is too drastic for this. Contacting the retailer would be pointless.

    please post back if rebooting doesn't solve the issue.
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    i lost sound when i first got my touchpad. erasing apps and restarting did the trick!
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    Same thing happened to me yesterday, simple restart fixed it for me, known bug, should be in the bug fixes in the coming OTA update.

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