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    I've seen this one on tv twice already, but I haven't seen PC or webosroundup talk about it. I honestly like this one more than the one with Manny. This one actually made me giggle

    HP Touchpad with Russell Brand Commercial Video - Viad.TV
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    I like it!

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    I wish the pc app let me open links...
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    1 ghz Sprint Pre-
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    I think he's a great choice because he conveys a vibe of, "Don't be like everybody else! Picking something different is cool." Sorta like, y'know, "Think Different." :-)
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    I think there's going to be lots of commercials coming really soon. This was for "just type".
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    I really liked this commercial. Especially the fact that it wasn't annoying. Plus the little app icon animations at the very end were really rad. Good stuff!
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    havent seen it and i hope i dont. i know he is the fad actor during this time but i just dont see how he and webos relate

    ok just saw it, didnt like it or hate it.

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