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    I'm new to WebOs and am trying to decide between the wifi and 4g models. Is there any information available as to whether or not the Pre3 & TP will allow free tethering? If so, I can get the wifi & Pre3.
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    Can't say for sure it will work on the Pre3, (not out yet) but with other WebOS phones you can use Preware to install the freetether app. I'm posting right now tethered to my Pre+ using the freetether app...
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    I would think the one difference will be GPS with the 4G. The Ipad 3G comes with GPS on the chip and since it is only month by month billing you can cancel after the first month and still use the GPS. Of course this is only a guess.
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    I would assume the homebrew gurus will update the Freetether app to work on the Pre 3, but there's no guarantee. Keep in mind if you get a 3G/4G TouchPad, you'll have to get a data plan from AT&T. I think they're $30 a month. Pretty expensive just to get data on another device.

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