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    making my laundry list of my likes and dislikes. It says they value my opinion, so maybe they are listening? I really hope that the update is soon because my dislikes at this point are far exceeding the likes, and I'm a fan. The typical consumer is not likely to tolerate the little things like I have and these things will be a total flop, and i'll be out my $600! Anyone else get the survey?
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    Not yet. Fill out the survey and be honest. That's one way we can help HP improve.
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    fyi, for anyone else that receives the survey, most of the responses are multiple choice and use radio buttons for the responses. There is only one page with text boxes and those are for your likes and dislikes of the product. I was disappointed that they didn't ask for any info about the buying experience as mine was abysmal (BB).
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    yeah the soft launch, ie. welcome beta testers is making more sense all the time. I LOVE webOS but the Touchpad experience for a newbie week 1 would be extra rough.
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    Also got it today. Wish I remembered to mention issue with after clearing browser cache Touchpad resets sometimes.

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