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    hey there is a tp bluetooth keyboard , but they want 70 euros for it.
    does anyone know if the tp can connect with just any bluetooth keyboard?
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    I saw a post here that someone said they were using their Apple BT Keyboard on the TouchPad.
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    Just about any keyboard that uses the HID profile should work. Older ones perhaps excepted.
    James Kendrick
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    Having bought the HP TP Bluetooth keyboard I can report that it has some TP specific keys - and its a lovely bit of kit too - should be for the price though. It really comes into its own if you have the Touchstone stand as well.
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    I think the keyboard was worth the money with its dedicated keys, and I second the TouchStone adding to it. I am just anal and would be damned if I would connect anything Apple to this! Just my opinion though.
    - Jeff
    Palm Pre- and a 32 GB TouchPad.
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    I connected an Apple a1255 bluetooth (2007 model) keyboard to it just fine.

    That's what I used to drive the quake on TP video.

    Probably missing functionality compared to the HP keyboard but it was able to type just fine, and minimize the current running app to card view, etc..

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