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    I'll be flying cross-country next week, and am looking for ways to enjoy my Touchpad that don't require a data connection.

    Since there's no movie store yet, I'm wondering how to get a movie from, say, a DVD to my Touchpad. I'm assuming that I could convert it to MP4 and just copy it over - not sure of any converters that could rip and convert to mp4.

    I've also been trying to find what other video formats the Touchpad supports.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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    Try this thread... Click here: lots of good information on how people are doing it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinktreo
    I've also been trying to find what other video formats the Touchpad supports.
    Check this list of Video Format Supported.
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    if you want to rip your own DVD's then I can recommend DVD Catalyst 4

    It is only $9.95 and I bough it to rip my DVD's for my Xoom as there was nothng to allow me to download movies to that tablet.

    I had slight juddering on my rips and I mailed the author and he suggested fixes as my movies are UK PAL and the defaults are for US NSTC (think thats right!) and it worked perfectly.

    He repsonded the same day as well and was friendly and very helpful, that kind of support alone was worth the price lol!

    You could probably just use the iPad default settings as the TP uses the same resolution.

    Hope someone finds this useful

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    The stock movie app will only play mp4 format and files have to be under 2 gig in size. You can load on to your TP by just creating a movie file on your root file with the usb cable.

    If you want other movie formats then you can get Kalemsoft Media Player. It is TP ready and plays everything but m4v format that I have found.
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