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    Just went over to Futureshop to pick up my shiny new touchpad... they have ZERO.

    Went across the street to Best Buy and they have lots of "Demo Models" that they can't sell. Called the Source and they have 2 32 Gig's. Headin over now to pick them up.

    Futureshop and best buy - FAIL

    Unbelievable... just un **%$*&^ believable.

    Thank you Source for holding 2 for me. WIN!

    In St. John's Canada BTW
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    should have tried staples???

    The futureshop near me said they were getting 45 of them
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    I might pick one up today. Gotta get ready for my quick 'no I don't want extended warranty' reply. I really dislike futureshop but hopefully Bestbuy will have them.
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    Futureshop had 4 16gig and 20 ish 32 gigs.... Best Buy had none... would only be getting tonight... Bureau en gros had plenty and they opened at 8am ... picked up the 16 this morning on the way to work.
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    WOOT! Just picked up 2 32's for me and the lady!

    This thing is pretty smooth I have to say!

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    I picked up a 16 and 32 this morning
    haven't even opened them yet since i'm at work
    can't wait

    has anyone found any accessories like the case?
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    Just glad to hear you found one!
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    I just came back from the Victoria Future Shop and they had around 25 touchpad in stock (I didn't check what flash disk they had).

    What really surprised me though is that they had 5 demo unit that were fully functional. As I stood there waiting for my turn, I saw a lot of "Product Specialist" push the clients toward the Touchpad.

    I guess not all Futureshop are bad...

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