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    I'm horrible at searching forums so I apologize if this is known... But this was HUGE for me.

    When I first unlocked my palm pre plus a long long... time ago, I missed the important step of using a US sim card to activate the phone. Unfortunately because of this I have NEVER had paid app access... A few months ago my app cat even called it quits entirely and refused to open. I would get an error message along the lines of "App catalog unavailable" with the yellow caution triangle and exclamation point... But not today!!

    I was playing around with Impostah (on my palm pre plus) and ended up under the "Activation" menu. It gives you the catalogue settings and the option to login to your profile or to create a new one... Hmmm...

    I had just received my touchpad a few days ago and had created a brand new profile on it because I didn't have any paid apps on my pre plus anyways... So I thought what the hell, if I screw something up no big deal there's always the doctor... So I tried to login using my new TP profile. I received a caution about switching profiles, but other than that... it seemed... to work...? I backed out of the activation menu and went under "App Catalog" and scrolled down to the Profile Information section. I pressed "Check Paid Apps Access" and to my surprise it said "true".... I backed out of that and went to one below "Check Paid Apps Access" and it said... "true" Of course the next thing I tried was to launch the App Catalog! And sure enough it loaded!! After being without it for months this was big on it's own! I then proceeded to try buying a paid app. All I had to do was give my touchpads webos profile password and voila! I had my first paid app!!!

    Now to my knowledge there has never been a way get full app cat access once you've botched your profile... Even trying to enter a new profile doesn't make a difference. I believe people were saying it's a problem with the phone's I'd on palm's servers once the phone is unlocked for the first time. So yeah... Just wanted to share my story because as I said... I have never had paid apps access on my Palm pre plus and now I do!!!

    Thank you Rod for Impostah! and HP?... For webos 3.0 I guess?...

    Hopefully this helps other people that were in the same situation. This was tried on a US AT&T Palm pre plus that was unlocked in Canada using a Roger sim card with webos 2.1.0 and I was using a webos 3.0 profile from a 32gb Touchpad.

    - Dan

    Looks like GuyFromNam discovered this awhile back for the Veer...

    I can confirm it's working on older legacy devices now as well (Palm Pre Plus anyways...)
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    Did you buy the Preware Homebrew Documentation app and leave a nice review as thanks?

    -- Rod
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    This also seems to work with a Pre 2 using a Veer profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Did you buy the Preware Homebrew Documentation app and leave a nice review as thanks?

    -- Rod
    Haha no not yet... I burned my first purchase on a pretty crappy .99 cent app...

    There... you got me, .99 cents coming your way now that I have no excuses...


    - Dan
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Apart from being a great app, I don't see how this is connected to Impostah.
    The connection is that the Preware Homebrew Documentation app is available in the app catalog, and provides a small revenue stream to me which helps offset the costs of developing Impostah (which can never be a paid app itself).

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    I see your point. It's the pinnacle of Palm revolution.
    At some point, HP must have felt terribly embarrassed you code-corrected them.
    I think we need to find out who on earth from Palm decided that geo-restrictions was a good idea and brutally beat him up in the public.
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