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    12. Weather station mode for Exhibition, so it can sit on my night stand.
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    13. A terminal application. (may be attached to the hardware interrupt of power button)
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    14. Itunes (Mac) integration.
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    15. Camera app. And since Touchpad does not have a backwards facing camera, the ability to use the Veer's (or other webOS) phone camera as a backward facing camera via BT (or wi-fi, but BT is preferred) for video calling or for snagging photos.
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    16. When I'm texting somebody on an IM profile - display his local time (he might as well be in another time zone)
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    17. When applying a profile picture to a contact manually - it should override the ones from Facebook, Google, etc contact profiles that are unified under the same webOS contact profile. This picture should be displayed for all actions with that contact.
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    18. If I go and edit the contact and select to change the picture it should display all pictures obtained via the connected profiles (and keep log of them) and allow me to choose one of them, or to assign one from a file.

    Sorry guys, I didn't mean to use 18 posts for all of these, but since we were asked to do it this way, I followed. I see a platform with great potential to surpass the iDevices, yet there is so much to be done, that potential has to be put into real use. I wanted the iDevices, but decided to stick on Veer and Touchpad and to create the missing apps, etc, but my real life employer saw that as a conflict of interests, so now I either have to let those devices go, or have HP really invest into it. Please, I want to use the Touchpad as a Enterprise Business user - I pay, I receive delivery, I use - no hacking, customizing, backdoor access to fix stuff etc.
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    When using card view with the blue tooth keyboard, the arrows should be able to switch between cards!
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    Facebook Groups and Chat integration in the facebook app.
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    I would like to see at least a possibility to set up a pptp-connection

    and a more advanced generic SSL-VPN-Client to adjust to the tons of different VPN gateways out there.

    Unfortunately the preware app PreVPNc doesn't install on the TP. It just hangs during installation.
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    A rdp-Client would be great to connect to a terminalserver (or a PC at home if you like). With that option you can do most of the work with your TP.

    Doesn't need to have shared folders, shared printers would be great but that's second
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    I'm missing a possibility to access an ipp printer server like CUPS. Many of the available consumer NAS-devices have a linux OS with CUPS and the possibility to connect one or more usb-printer to it.
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    File encryption using a format like EncFS. Lets say, you have a folder on your TP with many encrypted files. You can sync these encrypted files with e.g. or dropbox and use those also on other PCs/Laptops/wherever without the nagging voice that somebody could probably access your files on dropbox or

    Maybe it would be enough if the -Client (App) could decrypt the EncFS encrypted files on, so you can use them on your TP. But then it has to be guaranteed that the TP user only has the key/password to tell the Client how to de- and encrypt.

    It should be an encryption method which is used on different platforms to be able to access it in the cloud with whatever you want to.
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    since it is linux underneath ssh is available and therefore it's "only" a decent terminal-app for TP missing like e.g. PuTTY
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    My last suggestion: A vnc Client would be nice (rdp is more important )

    There is an app on precentral for the pre-phones, but I am not sure if it is working well with the TP. Could not test it because of limited VPN-capabilities of my TP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i4ko View Post
    11. Ability to select which photo albums are displayed in Exhibition photo mode.
    While displaying photos in exhibition mode.

    1. Tap on the photo and you should get a drop down
    2. Upper right hand corner will be select album
    3. Uncheck the ones you don't want to see during the exhibition mode playback
    4. Hit done
    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

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    6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again:
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    I'd like the option to be able to open my emails in separate cards so that i could keep multiple emails open at once!
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    The problem is that all double tap, squeeze/expand and drag motions on the screen are intercepted by webOS and not passed to the website.

    Example: MANY maps programs allow you to zoom in by double tap and drag the map in the frame to, for example, follow a road or a river. On touchpad, the website never sees these gestures. The local zoom or drag does not trigger any action in the website and hence you can only zoom in and move around in the initial map image.

    Solution: we need a way to "pass through" double taps and drags (at a minimum) to the website for processing.... I'd suggest programming the physical front button such that if it is held while a browser page has focus, double taps and drags are fed to the site and not processed locally. And if any such gestures are passed through, the release of the button should not cause the page to shrink to a "card" (i.e. the normal action of the button is to shrink to card view when button released.)
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    Or fix the login to so that SkyDrive can give access to Web Office so word, excell, powerpoint and notepad functions can be used to ceate/edit office documents and move them between the SkyDrive and the pad.
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    When you use a long touch to copy/cut text, one of the options in the popup should be "Memo" meaning, send to the memo app as a new page (if none open) or as text added to the end of the open memo most recently opened.

    I can't tell you how many times I copy text to a memo, add more text, and then come back and paste it into a web page dialogue box. It would be MUCH easier if I could collect multiple selections into a memo page and THEN go back to the memos application to edit and ultimately send somewhere else.
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