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    The ability to store the login/password of the "captive portal networks"
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    I've asked for this for the Pre, and I'll ask for it on the TouchPad...

    Swipe to dismiss email marking messages read - having the option to do so.

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    This may be included in the edit options but no one has mentioned it: In Quickoffice, the Acrobat Reader doesn't have a page search or even word search like the regular version we all have in our pc's. So that if my document is 300 pages and I need pages 122-150, I don't have to scroll for the pages and then get frustrated when the scroll freezes or keeps going to page 1.
    Other than this, I love the TP and picked it over all the others after months of research.
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    An "option" button aka "orange key", on the vkb - which requires multi-simultaneous
    touch (like the shift key works). We need a better way cut/paste on the TP ala how it is on the Pre.

    Option key + X or C or V for Cut/Copy/Paste - in the mean time i'm going to try my hand at a patch to repurpose the tab key with a press and hold option (like the four ,.`- keys work were it puts a ... on some of the keys for more options)
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    Also would like the shift key to work on the TP like it works on the Pre for selecting text and/or moving around. The touch and hold on text just doesn't have the same flexibility and having to zoom in to place the cursor is a pain in the ****. Maybe the touch and hold on the tabkey could be repurposed for cursor movement too...
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    I don't know if this an issue or a feature request... I received a video training on the cd all the video are in the iPad format which is good. I copied all of them on my touchpad.

    This video can be watched on Touchpad without problem but... the most annoying thing is that : the App "Photos and Videos" doesn't display the name of the video/movie, how can I figure out which is the first, second and so on...

    HP should have propose an option to list files by name... this is strange.

    So the request is to be able to display file's name in the "Photos and video" app.
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    Or a virtual keyboard like this:
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    We need the ability to add other languages to Touchpad... Preferably Portuguese, it is afterall the largest market in South America. In Ipad I can could swith to many available languages, but I don't like Apple.
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    How about a better calender, PIM, Datebk, or the Homebrew UberCalender?
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    1. Ability to constantly sync two-way text messages with my Veer (via BT). This would be a killer one for me. A) It could also allow my to use my Touchpad hooked to my Veer's hotspot to connect to Skype, and then I could Skype (text chat) from the Veer, while the Touchpad sits comfortably in my backpack. B)Will allow me to see my new SMS (text) messages that my Veer received on my touchpad, and respond from the Touchpad.

    (editing the post to have only one feature request per post)
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    2. Ability to get Skype messages I've sent via another (on computer) client while the Touchpad one is online. Now I get only the responses of the other side, and mine messages if I type them on the Touchpad. (You see, for the most part I use the computer, however when I step away, my Touchpad is in my hand.)
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    3. Tasks (like the tasks app in Veer). It should support getting tasks in and out of Exchange account (with push, or whatever is the technology behind - "as they arrive" sync frequency option).
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    4. Select which Exchange folders to sync (with push). I do not use the Inbox for meaningful communication - that's where all the junk lives, all important messages are filtered into folders.
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    5. Much improved Network Logon. The current one is PITA to work with transparent web proxies requiring NTLM authentication. (And do not loose the association when the display is off ) Now you need to a - connect to the network. b - close the network authentication card. c - open a browser card. d - go to a web page. e - login. f - restart (because messages and mail will not be able to use the authentication, since they are started from before). g - start your apps again after it has started.
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    6. Add a restart option in the power options (like the Veer has), not just airplane and power off.
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    7. Ability to restore cards, to the same state after restart (or shutdown) (and in the web browser, open all pages that were opened before).
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    8. Search folders support in Exchange accounts.
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    9. Cyrillic keyboard. The arrangement - Russian, Bulgarian, etc. The language does not need to be implemented in the interface, just the keyboard.
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    10. Ability to select and play background music when displaying photos in Exhibition.
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    11. Ability to select which photo albums are displayed in Exhibition photo mode.

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