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    Not that this is a perfect solution ccaldwell(renaming files etc), but you can use Gemini File manager to do most of this. Just a little inconvenient to have to open this up each time. gemini is in beta though available in app store(whoops, guess Apple won't be happy about using that phrase LOL). Just make sure when you are playing with Gemini, that you do not ask for system info-hangs forever.
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    The Touchpad Photos & Videos application needs an option to pull the photos from the connected WebOS phone. Since there is no backward facing camera and no camera application we are still dependent on the linked telephone for snapping photos.

    A list of thumbnails would be sufficient with the actual transfer waiting until the photo was selected.
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    Decent integration for these apps would help. So for now, before app designers eventually provide this: How about making the web browser offer this kind of integration? There is already a great Instapaper client-Paper Mache. It would be great for the built in browser to offer this. Let's face it, these devices are just perfect for web browsing, so the ability to save articles and read them later on any device is rather valuable.
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    An epub reader...
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    ESC and CTRL for the on-screen keyboard (e.g. for ssh sessions with vi/emacs)
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    Synchronization of identical dismissed notifications between touchpad and webos phone.

    For example, if I read an email on my touchpad, the notification for that email should be dismissed on the phone.

    If I dismiss a calendar reminder on my phone, it should be dismissed on my touchpad.

    If I look at a comment on my facebook status on my touchpad, the notification of that comment should be dismissed automatically on my phone.

    And so on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    I'd like to see:

    -GESTURES (how has nobody mentioned this here yet?)

    -Thumbs Keyboard:

    -A way to get to the just type without tapping in it. (Since my hands are usually at the bottom)

    -Make the hardware button function like tapping the gesture area on phones. (Open focused card instead of launcher)

    -Swipe away cards that are on the sides when in card view. I can do it on my Pre+

    -Option when tapping and holding to download files in the browser

    -A way to scroll through text similar to holding function and swiping on the screen.

    -Tapping outside of cards in card view zooms out like it does on the phones.
    The ability to long press and save file as (and choose the location or default to downloads) or open with default program should be a native function, IMO. The two cases it would be most useful to me is if I download a PDF and want to open it with say, preader or something. Second most used function would be the saving of audio files from podcasts or download links not to mention being able to choose a media streaming app to open an m3u stream.
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    Guaranteed this has already been said, but it NEEDS to be added: add/remove/edit Launcher pages. It's RIDICULOUS that this isn't included already.
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    I'd like the ability to use voice commands. Of course editing would need to come first. I also realize that on my other mobile devices, all the voice command apps are third party apps. Nonetheless, this is something I really miss on the Touchpad.
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    I've found that I can scroll through Google Doc spreadsheets by using my bluetooth keyboard and using the Page Up/Down buttons.
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    how about the ability to print to .PDF??? Like pdf995 if you are familiar with it.
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    My Kids have an app on their (Portable device which shall not be named) called TEXT NOW It allows them to send text messages to cell phone users even though their device is not a cell phone. It sends the SMS message via wifi and then it must get re-sent as a text message. The app also provides a phone number so that they can receive messages from cell phones.
    I know that it is a very useful feature since my kids are using it all the time.
    It would be great if that function could be intergrated into the Touchpad Messaging app
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    When I open a PDF file I can flip through pages but there is no Search function. If I have a long document I really need to be able to quickly search and that seems like a key feature. I did not see a search for any other document formats so it is probably needed in all of the viewer tools.
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    A Left and right arrow button on the keyboard would be nice. Not just the Backspace/delete key
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjzzxxa View Post
    A Left and right arrow button on the keyboard would be nice. Not just the Backspace/delete key
    Forget left and right. I want up down left right. Even if i had to hit annother button to get to another keyboard page to get there.

    Or if they made the right shift key a meta tap key, then we could scroll through the text with our finger just like on the pre

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    a paste as quotation option will would be a nice "quality of experience" function as well as the ability to highlight certain text from an email thread, hit reply and have only that highlighted text appear as the quoted data rather than the whole email thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
    More shortcuts in the launcher bar. Should be able to fit 8 to 10 smaller icons in there that are plenty big.
    A patchable launcher so patches can be created to change the number of rows & columns or patches to add, remove and rename pages etc…
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    1)a windows remote desktop app
    2)MS communicator app
    3)a real MS office app
    4)Being able to browse my PC for files, docs, run apps...
    5)Ablilty to run all online videos (I keep getting MIME errors)
    6)ctr-alt-del taskmanager
    7)Forward mounted camera
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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    A patchable launcher so patches can be created to change the number of rows & columns or patches to add, remove and rename pages etc…
    Like this?
    TouchPad "Add Launcher Pages" tweak appears in Preware | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |
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    A camera app.
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