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    Quote Originally Posted by jobsqeu View Post
    Ability to create events in Calendar by opening *.ics files from the Internet. Sites like and eventbrite provide an *.ics file to allow you to easily set the event in your calendar. I was disappointed to find out that webOS says it doesn't know what to do with the mime-type.
    allow me to set the numer of occurrances for a repeating event
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    I am seriously missing the ability to interact effectively with my social bookmarks. Browser bookmarks are so 90's

    How difficult would it be to expand the browser "share" feature to include other social sites like Delicious on the TouchPad? I found the small Prelicious app to access social bookmarks screen size for the Pre, but it would be much more helpful if we could add and interact with bookmarks directly from the browser menus on the TouchPad.

    Looks like Glimpse expanded their web widget Share options to include Neato to PC and Read it Later.

    Is this something that could be done through preware patches on the normal TouchPad browser, or in the Advanced Browser?
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    my wishlist is modest

    1) cursor keys like an android keyboard has for moving the cursor around when trying to edit text. Right not you have to try to position the cursor purely by touch and that's nearly impossible

    2) activate the default application settings in device info so I can set advanced browser as the default browser for hyperlinks in e-mails
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    patch to iphone (or better yet ipad) user agent spoof

    Stole this link from another post... very interesting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanacoleman View Post
    vSphere Client (vMWare ESI server VM manager)
    WinAdmin (RDP Client)
    VMware View
    These three would be worth real money to me.
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    show the download size of an app update.

    when updating apps using software manager you don't get a lot of info about the update.

    i updated an app yesterday using my pocket wifi modem and it sucked down over 100mb of data.
    if i had known the size of the update i would have left it until i got home and used my DSL connection instead.

    the ability to navigate WebOS via keyboard

    being able to use keyboard combos to navigate your way around WebOS would make things a lot simpler. even if it's basic things like being able to card an app and switch between carded apps. or being able to scroll a webpage using arrow keys.

    sorry if these have been mentioned already.
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    A patch that'll keep the screen off when using the volume buttons.
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    Ability to connect to AD HOC wifi network
    Ability to connect to cellphones via Bluetooth for data connectivity

    ... will it ever come?
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    Arrow keys on the keyboard so you can move around the text already typed.

    Displaying the filename of each photo as it is viewed below the image so when I take the Touchpad to a Gallery we can write down the filename of the photos they are ordering. The filename should also be visible in the thumbnail view, preferably below the photo.
    The reason I purchased the Touchpad was to have this capability. I called HP and talked to someone in Tech support who told me the filename showed and then found out after the Touchpad arrived that it doesn't. Please fix... the info in there... just need to show it.
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    Not sure if it was mentioned but the ability to navigate between cards using the arrow keys on the bluetooth keyboard and when you find the card you need hitting enter/return to access the card would be awesome..!

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    My requests are for the underpowered browser; I am sure most of these have been requested in this huge thread. I would LOVE a decent 21st century browser with:
    i. Tabs
    ii. Ability to change font sizes (in preferences and via gestures) and proper pinch-to-zoom support with text reflow. Also, currently pinch-to-zoom does not work at all on many pages (Bloomberg Mobile and Wikipedia Mobile are examples)
    iii. Indic font support
    iv. OGG support (for wikimedia files)
    v. Ability to manually add new search engines

    vi. A single button to clear private data
    vii. Ability to choose mobile or desktop UserAgent string ( la Opera Mobile)

    Thank you for reading this.
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    it would be very nice if you could perform online banking/transactions with HP touchpad.

    WOuld like to be able to have hp remember a website, then propogate your id/password and then take you to the site location that you want to go to..

    I have tried several products (free and paid) and cannot find anything to help and forget about trying to get the author to reply back with any suggestions.

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    Support more language, build in epub reader
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    I think the ability to print with any printer would be an advantage to anyone who uses a HP Touchpad
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    Flash, Flash, Flash!!!

    Pleeeease update this.

    More and more sites are wanting me to update flash player to 11.

    Sites that I been streaming video in the past, now I can't anymore?

    Please, release/finish the flash update for us WebOS touchpad owners.

    And don't leave us in the dust.

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    Forgive me if this is out there all ready, I did a search and did not find anything like this which REALLY surprised me

    #1 request should be: Android app player.

    This should be fairly doable when the core is modified for standard Linux

    Also, this thread was a good idea, but it has obviously become unwieldy. There is better technology for this sort of thing that gives users a limited # of "chips" that they can use to "vote" for features, that way you have a very clear idea what the community wants MOST, given limited resources. It also manages taking and organizing feature requests so it is easier to review them, you only need to read categories you are interested in rather than read through 24 pages of unorganized information.

    Maybe some of the developers can can suggest tools that they use for this purpose. I'm not sure how well it would work for this but I have used Mantis in past.
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    Is a split or thumb keyboard possible? (Something easier for holding a large tablet. It's kind of hard to reach the center of the keyboard at times.)

    What about an auto-complete or auto-suggestion feature for typing?

    I must admit they are SUPER nice features on Android, and I think iOS has the split keyboard.
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    When reading email, if I read an email and decide not to delete it, go to the next email and delete the second one, instead of going down to the next unread email it goes back up to the last read email. I realize I can delete them without looking at the emails, but if I open them in full screen this is how it works and is to me truly annoying and not intuitive, which is totally anti-webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by japomani View Post
    Forgive me if this is out there all ready, I did a search and did not find anything like this which REALLY surprised me

    #1 request should be: Android app player.

    This should be fairly doable when the core is modified for standard Linux
    Yeah, I'm kind of curious about that one, too. (Although it is NOT my #1, it would certainly do wonders for app content on the TB.) I think it is a good idea, it's just that it would take a lot of work to do, and I don't know if they have the staff/resources/desire to do it. If they did, I hope they would be able to do some other meaningful enhancements at the same time (like the split or thumb keyboard. It's just way too difficult to type (anything of substance) with the TB in your hand, landscape or portrait.)


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    I am not a programmer or developer, just along time computer user. My interest is to make my experience a little easier to control. 1st I would really like to turn off auto spell correct at will. I already check my message after it's written. Why not add a global minimize button? How about global forward & back buttons for the card view. How about an automatic way to separate "grouped" cards to avoid the transparent press and move function? What about something similar to ALT TAB switching in windows? I actually find that I am getting tired of constantly swiping the screen just to get to another function.

    On a separate note, I have noticed that by the end of the day, the pad can get slow and unresponsive. My experience tells me this is some type of memory caching accumulation and the ram needs to be flushed. Is there a way to add that function?

    A patch for rtf files in Quickoffice would be great, as would plugins for the browser. A utility to control just type features would be very practical, as would built in encryption.

    I hope this list isn't too much, but I love this tablet and need just a little more control over my work. Thanks

    what about replacement batteries? Webos needs tablets that still run.
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