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    calendar like the calender on the phone, including the functionality of the uberkernel patch:

    instant autosyncing with googleaccount
    the folding thing when there is 3 hours between happenings
    not start at 00:00 and tehn go to current time whenever scrolling to next week
    appoinment: day of week to be shown with date
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    It was sort of mentioned, but I want to make it clear.

    Switch Apps gesture like the old "Advanced Gesture" on the Pre.

    Whether its a 3 or 4-finger swipe on the screen or by using the bottom row of pixels to do a long swipe doesn't matter to me. I reeeeally miss this functionality. I use it constantly when hopping between email and web or messaging and other apps, etc.
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    The wave bar needs to come back.
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    Unlock with Notification. IOS 5 and some Android flavors allow you to swipe on a notifcation from the lock screen and it brings you right the app that generated the notification. Also, make the notification bigger. It's laughably small in the middle of the lock screen screen.
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    More shortcuts in the launcher bar. Should be able to fit 8 to 10 smaller icons in there that are plenty big.
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    Longer notifications. There is lots of screenspace, but I get the same or less amount of a preview on the notifications. The ability to delete emails direct from the notifications would be quite nice as well.
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    Android has some slick integration with the contacts. The implementation isn't terrific, but the idea is nice.
    Contact Improvements:
    1. Link to the contact's facebook profile (which would open up in the facebook app).
    2. Birthday's from the contact page linking to the calendar (I don't think this was added)
    3. Latest Facebook status (visible from Just Type)
    4. Ability to list all emails and phone calls with the person right from their contact card
    5. Probably some other slick stuff to be done here that I am not thinking of
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    Wireless syncing of photos, videos, audio, browser links, documents, etc.
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    Standardized BACK action & gesture for all apps. Why should it vary so much from app to app? Causes user fatigue as they have to learn where the BACK button/action is in so many different apps.
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    I always thought it would be neat if when in card view you could slightly tilt then relevel (quickly) the TP and have it slide to the next card. Maybe have a thumb on each side of the screen so that it knows thats you want to do? I dont even know if it's possible, but would be awesome to not really have to move your hands to switch cards.
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    Horizontal pagination of PDF docs. Remembering your location, too.
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    I would like to be able to hold down the hardware button to cycle through card stacks for the open card.

    I hope someone at HP is reading this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjay View Post
    The ability to play media files stored on my home network via wifi.
    I agree a dlna client would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    I'd like to see:
    -A way to get to the just type without tapping in it. (Since my hands are usually at the bottom)

    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    The wave bar needs to come back.
    I'd like to see the wave gesture launch Just Type.
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    usb-to-hdmi adapter
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    The Adobe Reader application really needs the ability to set bookmarks. This would be very useful both when reading long documents (such as ebooks) as well as for keeping track of frequently visited information.

    I'd also like it to at least have the option of opening PDFs at the last page viewed instead of always opening at the beginning.

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    Kind of a no-brainer, but threaded messaging in the email client like on the ios devices...
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    Ability to access external storage media via the USB port. Would somewhat make up for the absence of a SD card slot.

    Would like to see the 'wave launcher' back. Why it was removed to begin with, is beyond me. Also, would like to be able to replace the launcher button on the wave launcher.
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    Real synchronization of memos, messaging, contacts, to do list, call log, bookmarks and history between touchpad and webos phone. All selectable by tooggle switch which items to sync between devices.
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    Hope this isn't something I've just missed, but I would like a way to filter out all non-touchpad apps in the App Catalog.

    In addition, being able to use more than one filter at a time would be handy too. Like All Touchpad Apps along with Newest or All Touchpad and Games...etc.
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