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    We really need an escape key (ESC) and a control key (CTRL). At least give us options to remap the keyboard to generate any ASCII character we wish either directly or through the alternate keys.

    This would allow us to use things like VI and make command line history editing possible.
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    prolly has been requested. But I don't feel like reading through 19pages. But a way to watch full screen videos with the speaker up not down in landscape more. I watch videos all the time on my touchpad while laying in bed and the speakers just rest on my stomach. Hopefully they can find a fix on this.
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    To be able to resize wallpapers. As it is you can only use an image as a wallpaper. You cannot crop it as you like.
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    Sorry if this has been brought up already - no time to read all the pages and no way to search just this thread.

    Spell Check in QuickOffice Documents.
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    I know this is in the works - but really need the Citrix Plugin to be able to use the TouchPad in a Private Cloud.
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    Please make a quicken app.. This would fully eliminate my computer.. Quicken is the only reason I still turn it on ..
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    Like to add "turn on airplane mode" under "Wifi" -> "sleep settings".
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    If you select "Turn WiFi Off" in "Sleep Settings", that's essentially the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    If you select "Turn WiFi Off" in "Sleep Settings", that's essentially the same thing.
    I thought about that too. But "Wifi"->"sleeping setting" -> "keep wifi on" says: Best for prolonging battery life in most cases !

    It leads me think that "turn on airplane mode" may act differently and truly save battery life ? It could be that more services is turned off under airplane mode ?
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    A Better browser !

    A lot of web sites won't work on the touchpad. If I have well understand, adding arrows on the kb to scroll should fix a lot of them.
    So we definitly need arrows on the KB.

    The screen res is not far from what exists on pc, and the dual core cpu has juice, so I can't understand why there is so much web sites that won't work inside the TP browser. Why not trying to port chromium ?

    Also, I personnaly NEED an RDP Client.

    FTP and/or SMB/CIFS Integration would be really usefull.

    Picasa integration would also be great (or a dedicated app to manage all my Picasa Albums), because, once again, the picasaweb site doesn't work well on the TP.
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    IE-x, ICS as a crad and the number one on my list is 3389 client.
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    pull down to refresh for the browser
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    Mine has been flawless EXCEPT for an overly sensitive acceleromator that wants to change orientation every few moments. Help please.
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    -Add a print option to include landscape orientation, right now it will only print in portrait mode.

    -patch the adobe reader/ quickoffice HD to have a button for rotate view. Many pdf documents contain pages in landscape and portrait and in order to view them you have to lock your view settings and rotate the tablet. It would be nice if there was just a switch to perform a rotate view in the reader itself.
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    Option to allow the TouchPad to function "upside down"--that means games would flip from their current orientation and the TouchPad speakers would be on top instead of the bottom.

    This is a benefit to left handed people however, it would be good for those that hold their Touchpads near the speakers and are developing cracks by the speaker. They would then be able to always hold the TouchPad by the solid edge instead of the speaker edge.
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    Should have DUN/PAN using Bluetooth or perhaps implement Bluez
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    Allow Ad-hoc wifi. I know for $149 I should not ask for too much but comon this is not a big deal.
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    i would like other websites to recognize, especially Google, that you are using a touchpad tablet. So many sites have a tablet friendly version of the site that takes advantage of the panes and bigger thumb friendly buttons. If we cant get a native app for them because maybe there are enough resources to build one, then at least let us have access to what you already do have.

    Can't wait to try Android on my touchpad
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    How about the darn thing just not deleting stuff to the right of the cursor when deleting text?!?

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    I don't understand why people make a big deal out of the bulkiness of the touchpad. I think the form factor is amazing. The only thing that I could possibly want is a capacitive home button and a rear facing camera.

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