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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerf6 View Post
    would like a parental control feature, passworded concourse. Ordered extra TP to give grandson, however at 16 his mom has to closely watch his internet
    activities so unless some parental control is needed
    If they want to restrict his access, it's better to start at the root of access in the home. There are wireless routers that have built in parental controls. A quick google search will yield good results.

    Though I can definitely see a large market for parental control apps on tablets. Charge monthly fee and provide updated list of banned sites weekly.

    Though if a person is determined enough, they'll find a way around it. It could be as simple as not using that device or using another internet connection..
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    .ability to create folders and organize apps
    .bluetooth file transfer support to/from tp >< pc
    .pdf reader [left/right navigation,search] kindle style
    . sorry if someone already mentioned this.. Hulu, netflix/silverlight support.
    .tabbed browsing
    the root.
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    I'd like to see a quality voice to text app/feature as well as voice input for the just type I guess, uh, just speak. Also, a writing app that you could use a capacitive pen with that would be suitable for note taking would be great. I think anything else I would want has been suggested.
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    I would like to see a swype keyboard on the touchpad. I think this would be awesome.
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    Ability to swipe up windows off to the left and right of the centered one without having to move the respective window to the center!
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    this may have been mentioned--don't want to reread everything.

    decreased screen brightness more--lowers now is too bright for dark rooms.
    yes, I have the preware patch but that doesn't affect the main control, only through screen & lock.
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    I like to have cursor directional keys(up, down, left, right) on the symbol tab of the keyboard.
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    In the browser, I would like to press and hold the back arrow to get a list of my previous pages so that I can select which one to go to. I would like the same action for the forward arrow.
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    l would like to be able to print to my Lexmark WiFi enabled printer.
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    I would like a tap-to-scroll-all-the-way-up in the browser. Also, anyone noticed that when you go back a page, it doesn't go back to the part of the page where you left it? It always reloads the page and we start at the top. I find that a mild irritant.
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    Instead of immediately going to the inbox, give the user the option in settings to require a password for email. This would be much more secure and possibly other family members, etc. could access their own email accounts on the TP.

    I will not use the TP for email, in case my TP is stolen. What a horrible thought--a thief having access to all of one's email.
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    I would like to have some more gestures. One gesture would be to swipe from any side of the screen to take you to card view. On more suggestion would be to add more options to the lock screen such as weather or facebook feed.
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    It's just that simple, a way to browse my local area net.

    Internalz would be just fine if it was network aware.
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    would very much like to see the possibility to view pictures and videos in my dropbox account with the pictures app. synergy has so much potential - why is it so severely limited?
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    the touchpad onscreen keyboard is certainly best in class, but it would be made oodles better by an enhanced version with direction keys, home, end, delete, apostrophe and comma keys swapped to become standard, and a control or some suck key that would allow use of the direction keys in making precise selections for cutting, copying, formatting, etc.

    i'd find that it would allow me to leave my notebook machine in its dock most of the time.

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    many of us who use the touchpad for business need to keep a master repository of our sent emails on our desktop machines. the touchpad is the only machine i've encountered that does not provide for automatic bcc to a fixed address. (there is a patch for this in the repository, but it's for a much earlier version of webos, on a palm product.)

    would be most useful.

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    Ability to pair and use a bluetooth mouse.
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    a simple request is adding arrow keys to the keyboard
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    HP Home Store : there should be a filter to show applications built for "Touchpad Only" and sort by rating,date etc. would be a great addition too.
    the root.
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    ability to turn off the "elastic scrolling" effect on the left and right sides of the screen when you're viewing a page at its full width. It's annoying to have the web page bouncing all over the place when all you're trying to do is scroll vertically.
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