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    Hopefully this hasn't already been posted, but reading through 15 pages of this thread is kind of a chore ...

    1. In the place of the 'home' button on the TP face, a real navigation button, one that can be used to move the cursor up/down/left/right, or can be used to scroll without having to endlessly swipe on the screen, or can be held as a drag-lock when used with a gesture; the insanity of a completely-blank touchscreen has to stop - it's not the best ergonomic solution, or even a good one, but a form-over-function marketing device that nearly everyone has played follow-the-Apple with. If style is paramount, then embed these functions in a gesture area like the Pre, and light them when touched - little glowing arrows can be 'cool,' too .

    2. Haptic feedback on the keyboard - the only feedback is sound, and when one is trying to be quiet, that's gone; since the TP clearly has a vibration system, use it with the keyboard as well.

    3. USB host mode

    4. Back-facing camera (actually, make it at a 45 angle to the device doesn't have to be held completely upright - this goes for phones, too! The vertical position is also a terrible ergonomic idea )
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    Quote Originally Posted by milhouse View Post
    It would be great if it were possible to resize the cards (ie. smaller) so that more were visible all at one once. Pinch to zoom in and out in the multi-tasking view would be nice, as it's done on the Nokia N9/N950.
    I really like this idea.
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    Facebook video chat integration? You guys did a great job with skype, I would love to see the same with Facebook.
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    for remote control desktop or VNC there is RControl Beta works great

    I would like a autofill feature

    I need a Homeseer HStouch app for my home automation
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    The browser doesn't work with Google Books. The controls are missing, so can't turn pages, zoom, etc.

    Please fix.
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    Two things..

    1. Is there a feature that can block/restrict "HP APP Catalog"? This is a way to keep the kids out.

    2. There should be "My Apps" that has the listings of installed applications on TouchPad so I can "bookmark" 'em since Quickoffice is NO where to be found on it. O.o
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    gestures. Particularly advanced gesture app to app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fra1198s View Post
    At least the characters "" and "" are possible by keeping the key A or O pressed a bit longer. The the other characters appear.
    Thanks for checking!
    What would be great is the ability to have these three letters on the keyboard without long pressing. Is there a chance that this mod is possible? As the letters are already there, could you lay them out as an actual key?

    Would pay for this mod!
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    Feature Requested: Enhanced WiFi security and authentication options.

    My TouchPad cannot get onto my company's private WiFi due to inadequate support for our authentication requirements:

    - WPA2 Enterprise
    - EAP-PEAP
    - MSCHAP v2

    In addition, our IT gurus have said that, "Activesync is not possible yet on the WebOS devices. We have worked with several of them and they do not implement the certificate preauthentication that we require for Activesync connectivity"

    This request is really two-fold: to be able to authenticate onto our private WLAN and connect to our Exchange server. Without this functionality I have a $499 Kindle and Angry Bird tablet. Granted, I can browse the web and do GMail and such but the primary driver behind me wanting this tablet was to carry between buildings on our corporate campus for meetings, etc. In other words a business-capable tablet.
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    Being able to close a card with one step is my biggest beef. Is implementing the old "x-out" in the corner that hard? Every mouse based OS has used it since the beginning of time. Tablet screens are big enough to allow an X in the upper corner. This drives me crazy especially when I have multiple browser windows open and have finished with one. I have to minimize then toss it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoQ View Post
    Thanks for checking!
    What would be great is the ability to have these three letters on the keyboard without long pressing. Is there a chance that this mod is possible? As the letters are already there, could you lay them out as an actual key?

    Would pay for this mod!
    This is an feature i want aswell, got my Touchpad today and i miss my Swedish keyboard :x

    Other than that, a hack so we can change the billing region for HP App Store(change of account without hardresetting the device)
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    Ability to fill in PDF forms / interactive PDFs. Quickdocs doesn't seem to handle images or formatting all that well - being able to make a PDF form would enable me to generate and print things like invoices straight from the tablet without loss of formatting.
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    is anyone know if international keyboard is going to available sometime in future?
    ISO has all languages preinstalled and heard android has a patch to install. Is porting to android the only hope?
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    1. Picasa
    2. Profiles
    3. Facebook profiles.....(yes I share it with my wife, it would be nice if we could have our own profiles for each of us with our preferred settings updated throughout
    4. drag and drop
    5. tabbed browsing
    6. better bookmark organization

    Thats it for now.....only been using the TP for a week! Love it!
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    Java or a clone to run certain internet programs that require Java to run. My wife and daughter love Pogo games, but the games will not load onto Touchpad because they need Java to run.
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    bt keyboard full functionality, meaning arrow keys,cut copy paste, browser allowing selection of url from dropdown box with keyboard...
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    would like a parental control feature, passworded concourse. Ordered extra TP to give grandson, however at 16 his mom has to closely watch his internet
    activities so unless some parental control is needed
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    Color visited links. Purple is nice.
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    Would it ever be possible to create a patch that would allow you to tap the top of the screen to instantly take you to the top of a page, have it be a website or whatever? Sorta like how you have on iOS.
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    1. Swype keyboard like on Android or WM. I love it on my HTC HD2.
    2. Directional keys to navigate through text, or way to scroll to text that's out of field.
    3. Ability to connect to file server. Reduce the need to transfer files through wires..
    4. Position marker (scroll bar marker) on browser or any viewer/editor apps. Auto hides when scroll is idle.
    5. Better scrolling on browser. Don't allow shifting left or right if there is whole page is already visible! No need to be cute, it's annoying when you just want to read the webpage. Opera on WM does it well. It will cling onto a vertical line and it takes extra 'resistance' to shift the page left or right and then it will keep that new position. Makes scrolling up and down better!

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