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    Good point strykr, in addition, I think a D-PAD with the current keyboard would be helpful when trying to correct a letter in a miss spelled word. Tapping is not easy, even with zooming sometime. But zooming doesn't work with just type.

    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    I'd like to see:

    -GESTURES (how has nobody mentioned this here yet?)

    -Thumbs Keyboard:

    -A way to get to the just type without tapping in it. (Since my hands are usually at the bottom)

    -Make the hardware button function like tapping the gesture area on phones. (Open focused card instead of launcher)

    -Swipe away cards that are on the sides when in card view. I can do it on my Pre+

    -Option when tapping and holding to download files in the browser

    -A way to scroll through text similar to holding function and swiping on the screen.

    -Tapping outside of cards in card view zooms out like it does on the phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milhouse View Post
    Or you could use another email provider that isn't your ISP. I had the issue you are having, and the solution for me was to switch to Google Mail (I also have my own domain, so use Google Apps). Not being dependent on your ISP for email also makes switching ISPs for better deals much easier in future.
    Good suggestion but that won't work for me, either.

    I have my own servers at a hosting site; I don't have an email account through my ISP.

    The problem is that ISPs block outbound port 25, so I have to use their outgoing SMTP servers. I can access the POP port on my servers (port 110), but I cannot access port 25 on my servers as the ISPs block that.

    So, would be nice to have 'profiles' to make switching outbound SMTP servers easy. Right now, it's a giant PITA.

    Outlook does this. When sending an email, I just select which profile to use and, BAM, it just works.
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    Full screen modes for the browser and pdf reader.

    Browser deperately need a better bookmark manager.

    Always-on, efficient VNC server.
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    I vote for arrow keys on the keyboard symbol page.. Or something please.

    also. I have to enter user and password to websites each time. Clicking remember me does not work for me...:\
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    HERE HERE for the arrow keys!!!
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    can we have battery % displayed?

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    I would like the ability to turn off the home button from being lit.
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    scrolling feature, flicking 10 times to get where you want to go is cumbersome
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    text auto fill,type feature to speed up typing
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    ability to put a password on individual email accounts
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    a Updated internet browser with better Flash support (am trying to connect to a streaming server but the flash is too old in the stock browser).
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    Support for complex indic script languages (hindi, gujarati, etc). We can get characters to display with some font hacks, but the rendering in the browser is not correct. The OS/Browser is not able to correctly connect complex characters.

    Here is a list of missing features:
    Context-Sensitive Shaping
    Split Glyphs
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    * I'd like to see the "Text Assist" feature be context sensitive: On when using the Virtual Keyboard, and off when using a Bluetooth Keyboard.

    * The bookmarks in the browser need to be able to be sorted into sub-folders.

    * Tabbed browsing.

    * This is something I'd like to see in WebOS more generally, not just on the Touchpad: The ability to "minimize" an open card. A down swipe should be able to move a card into a holding area at the bottom, to be brought back up later. I'd be able to move a little-used card like a music player out of the way, and leave the active cards I want to flip through in the regular card space. Minimizing would also allow for a way to see the desktop/background with applications running.
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    USB OTG (or host) to give openess !
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    Ability to dethrottle Download speed, should allow touchpad to take advantage of available bandwidth while streaming over wi-fi, either provide options to control bandwidth usage or remove throttling.
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    Sorry if it's already been said ,

    If it's possible throught a software update or patch, It would be very nice that the screen do not rotate when a game start so that we'll be able to play games whit the speakers up and the headphone input in the upper right side of the touchpad
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    Lets be honest, the multitasking view really doesn't "scale". With more than four or five different apps/cards open, you have to swipe from one end of the card list to the other to switch between apps. I find myself stacking unrelated cards just to minimise swiping. There has to be a better way to switch between open apps than a long list of cards that only shows one different card per swipe - this is a usable solution when the user is running only 2 to 3 apps.

    It would be great if it were possible to resize the cards (ie. smaller) so that more were visible all at one once. Pinch to zoom in and out in the multi-tasking view would be nice, as it's done on the Nokia N9/N950.
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    We should be able to use(type) more than 4 languages. Especially I'd like to request Asian Language keyboard layout (Korean, Chinese, Japanese and so on.)
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    In exhibition mode I would like the ability to make the middle clock font red in color. Red is none glare and would help me sleep.

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    RDP APP! I need access to my work and we use Terminal Services so I need RDP. Not everyone uses Cisco, come on!
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