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    sorry if it's already been said:

    'to be able to check hotmail/live/msn emails via the web browser.'
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    Browser: Would be nice to have an optional scroll bar with a "scroll to here" feature. This way, I can see how far down the web page I'm reading and I can quickly jump to anywhere in a big web page in a hurry.
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    I'm happy with the features. Except I wish there was double space to period and a touchpad yelp app..
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    tether from a phone bluetooth connection is probably most useful. Hotspot will drain too much from the phone.

    Quote Originally Posted by judge34411 View Post
    No problem, yes only through your computer, and not sure if that is ad-hoc. But not a cell phone. Would make no sense to carry my laptop and the tablet. I do not own a palm phone. This tablet will not do ad-hoc. Only tether through palm, mifi. Or some of the newest Android phones that will do infrastructure. Lots of posts about it.

    So in a sense I am not sure what you are writing. I would be better off just carrying my laptop around to stay connected.
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    a top priority should be a good video player that uses the gpu, the touchplayer uses the processor and can be choppy. How is this not already available even if it is not free ?
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    For the people who asked for vnc there's a server named ThinVNC that works with the Touchpad's browser. It's not as responsive as using a native client and some features are lost after the 30-day trial, but it's more than enough for my (admittedly limited) needs. I run it alongside RealVNC and there are no conflicts.
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    Enhancements to the browser
    1. Faster JavaScript handling
    1.a ability to block JavaScript per site (e.g. ScriptNo extension for chrome--block 3rd party easily)
    2. Bookmark organization, tags, *shortcuts*, and search (some mentioned previously)
    3. ***Proper scrolling & mouse input as noted previously (see the Playbook's browser--it handles gDocs perfectly without needing any workarounds however, arrow keys on the keyboard would be great especially for navigating text.)
    4. Better window/tab handling for browser session--don't add a new card for each window opened from a browser instance, group them in tabs/thumbnails that are easily accessible via a swipe down form the top, like the Playbook. Only a new instance of a browser should be a new card.
    5. View history
    6. Block/allow cookies on a per site basis
    7. Text Assist shortcuts work in the address bar (even better, they should work everywhere and mentioned previously)

    Allow true multitasking settings per app (see playbook)--apps are generally frozen when put into card view. Some apps would be like widgets if they were able to continually update graphically while in card view, this would be enhanced with the previous idea of being able to zoom out/shrink cards too have multiple stacks on the screen at once. However, the user should be able to control this via a simple setting in the app.
    Make the desktop usable for widgets.

    Some way to be able to push video out too a TV especially with a decent video player.

    More gpu accelerated video codecs

    Zoom for video player too adjust for aspect ratio
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    when the .com button is shown, when you hit the up arrow it should change to .net. Also when the more symbols button is pressed it can change to .org
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    Google talk video would be nice. Also access SMB shares on my network. Also a way to cache the photos from your facebook albums. Also a way to interface to an android device in order answer calls and send texts
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    Is there any chance of getting a korean IME system in place? This guy did it but it doesn't work in 3.0.2/Touchpads.
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    Just want to add to the comments regarding using it to read .pdf files. As others said we should atleast be able to search for words and be able to enter a page number to jump to. Cant understand why I can do this on my Touch Pro 2 but not on this.
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    The ability to lock 2 live cards together side-by-side.

    so I can have an email I'm typing up on the left side while I'm looking at an important web page on the right side.
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    Stop button for page loading where the screen just keeps creating those circles much like an hour glass.

    Sometimes wifi is not strong and clicking something could end up making you wait forever if wifi cut out briefly. The option is to wait or hit home and throw the card out and start over. A "Stop" button would be perfect so you could hit refresh or a different link. For example when you click the HP Market store, if the wifi is going in and out, the touchpad could be spending quite some time loading the "all" "top" apps even though you may just be interested in the Free apps. Waste of time really.
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    A power & reset button widget / app. To shut the device off you must hold the power button for a very long time.
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    Browser: Re-arrange Bookmarks
    Pop up for "take me to the top" when reached bottom page

    Keyboard: Swap "_" with "-" (by touching, it does the opposite)
    Email : address bar : Copy/Paste popup not appearing unless there is
    something typed already.

    Facebook : Delete posts
    Like comments
    Integration into Email
    Youtube site : (Flash tweak?) better touch response for seek bar.

    App Catalog : Sorting apps after popularity/review (automated)

    Maps : Bring back google maps. Bing compared to Google, lacks of feature usability. Example: Public transport directions not working on bing EVER!

    Messaging: Yahoo account unreliable, not signing in.

    Bluetooth Keyboard : Left/right Arrows to move between open cards
    Copy/paste with keyboard (ye olde ctrl+)
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    Language: Portuguese - Brazilian

    SMB access to network shares
    Better scrolling on web pages like quick jump to top/bottom button
    Better way to fine tune cursor position...can never get cursor in correct position to edit word. So frustrating!
    Organize bookmarks!
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    I just want a keyboard which you can force open, and has Up, Down, Left and Right keys....

    That would eliminate the need for a bluetooth keyboard, make it easier to correct mistakes while typing and also open up the use of pretty much every flash game on the internet
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    Add Swipe (right to left) to return to previous web page in browser?

    Ok, this may be a bit of a newbie request but please bare with me. WebOS has a beautiful navigation system with all of the swipe motions but it does feel like you are breaking your flow when you cannot swipe from the edge of the screen to return to your last viewed page?

    It's not a big issue but it does kind of feel like it arcing back to Pc browsing.

    I would love to see this added.
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    All I want is tactical feedback. Its one of the features I love in all my products.
    I love Nerdy Girls.
    Oh... I should totally follow this BAMF
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