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    Juniper Junos VPN Client (Available for Android and IOS now)
    User Profiles
    vSphere Client (vMWare ESI server VM manager)
    WinAdmin (RDP Client)
    Documtents To Go
    VMware View
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    Would like to see a separate HP Catalog tab after 'Apps' tab on launcher.
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    Sync Firefox or IE favorites to browser
    Sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts to browser
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    desperately need the ability to get to links which only appear on websites after a hover or mouseover action. The Android browser does this with a long press, there has to be a simple solution that can be implemented.
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    Quote Originally Posted by riw View Post
    desperately need the ability to get to links which only appear on websites after a hover or mouseover action. The Android browser does this with a long press, there has to be a simple solution that can be implemented.
    In terms of how your suggestion should be implemented. How about if your finger enters the screen from the left/right/top side of the screen it acts as if you are dragging an invisible cursor around the screen? This is the best method I can think of so far for websites which require cursor hover functionality for navigation.
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    Kind of surprised this one hasn't been mentioned yet:

    - The video player in the photos and videos app needs to remember the playback position for video files.
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    sync MAIL (impa setting) with thunderbird only managed to retrieve 1 week of record for all subfolders under inbox.

    tried to refresh numbers of times to no avail.

    otoh, no such issue with galaxy tab.

    (checked, my bad. replace sync criteria in setting from 7 days to all, now can recieve all mails)
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    For webOS in general, I would LOOOVE to be able to use just type to find an app on my device and then drag the app icon to whatever launcher page I wished.

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    .Avi support would mean the world to me...
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    Please support the WMA CODEC.

    I have most of my music (~40G) in the WMA container and only some in the MP3 container.
    I started with a HP desktop and Windows Media Player was set to rip all my music that way (in the WMA container).

    For me, WMA has better fidelity at the same bit rate as MP3 and why I use it (i.e. mobile devices with limited storage).
    I don't want to use a cloud, I want to hook my Touchpad to my desktop as a Mass Storage Device and move over the WMA music I want to listen too. I also don't want to convert due to time and loss of fidelity (going from one CODEC to another is not a good idea) and I don't want to re-rip all my stuff. I don't mind paying for it either. I know I bought the better Pocket Tunes version for my Palm Treo 700 just to have WMA support.

    So in closing, please support WMA files so I can play my music and also there are plenty of WMA only streaming stations on the internet too, I know I have seen this request (for WMA) in the TuneIn Radio forum(s).
    Thanks for the consideration, Matt
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    Quote Originally Posted by IGNTNUNLMTD View Post
    Guaranteed this has already been said, but it NEEDS to be added: add/remove/edit Launcher pages. It's RIDICULOUS that this isn't included already.
    with the ability to group apps in folders on those pages.
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    My current wishlist.

    01) An RDP/VNC native app.

    02) BT Keyboard functions.
    . Better card handling. (Focus/move left/right/discard via BT K/B, funny how the webOS emulator/sdk/virtualbox actually does move the cards via arrow keys)
    . Have the Virtual K/B not appear when paired with the BT K/B. (or a toggle)
    . Extra and documented shortcuts like cut/copy/paste/etc.
    . Ability to move through and focus into screen widgits, like using tab on a pc then interacting.

    03) Ability to softlink folders on your TPad to a network share via wireless, or just a mountable device.

    04) Superior synergy integration of the already present dropbox/ accounts, working as above perhaps, appearing as mounted devices we can copy/load into/from etc.

    05) Task Manager type Card overview.

    06) WEB Viewer changes.
    . Expand the preferences, history/cookies/cache, what are their defaults? are they big enough? can we change to make them smaller/bigger?
    . Allow BT Keyboard to move the view up/down with the arrow keys with or w/o a modifier key
    . A "go back" / "go forward" keyboard shortcut
    . Customisable bookmarks
    . Card "in-focus" flash web elements to be given higher cpu/task share than out of focus flash elements which should have reduced cpu/task share to avoid massive slowdowns on whatever your activly viewing (affects me a lot with a few webpages open that all have flash elements).
    . Remember your last position on a webpage when using "go back" instead of moving back to the pages far top

    07) Video conferencing changes
    . Configurable sound/video quality
    . Better quality and/or smoother fps video
    . Skype app to have scrollable thumbnail/mosaic contacts list on the left, main screen filled with contacts video to the right of contacts, yourself as Picture in Picture/smaller box top/left of the main video.

    08) Stop an app moving the card display left/right offscreen if theres no reason or useable function that would require it.

    09) Volume slider underneath the screen brightness slider

    10) Option to change battery icon to a visual % indicator

    11) More config options (increase/decrease no of icons) on the quick launch bar inc merging the Just Type Magnifying glass/button into the QL bar

    hmm just those spring to mind atm, may edit/change later.
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    a gps chip. Using google location is useless without a known (by goog snoopers) WiFi signal.
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    Editing in Quick Office.
    Maybe a Youtube app.
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    The option to disable "swipe to remove from notifications" for specific applications. Examples:

    1) FlightPredictor
    2) Music

    I don't want to accidentally swipe these away (as I just did with the music controls) and then not have them work right after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffGr View Post
    I'd like to see the "Caps Lock" key on the Bluetooth keyboard only affect letters, which is the usual approach with computer keyboards. Currently, it works like a "Shift Lock" key, which makes sense for the on-screen keyboard but not really for a physical keyboard.

    Specifically, I've had several cases where I've tried using the "Caps Lock" key to actually type a word in all-caps and then accidentally deleted the entire word (as you get with shift-backspace) when trying to correct a single typo.

    Actually, on my HP bluetooth keyboard, hitting shift also acts like a caps lock, which is ridiculous. I would like that disabled. It should only shift while I'm holding it. That's the whole point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amrcc View Post
    Also would like the shift key to work on the TP like it works on the Pre for selecting text and/or moving around. The touch and hold on text just doesn't have the same flexibility and having to zoom in to place the cursor is a pain in the ****. Maybe the touch and hold on the tabkey could be repurposed for cursor movement too...
    Here is - in my humble opinion - a perfect implementation. Two fingers on the screen at the same time will move a cursor left and right ONLY (up and down will get sloppy and hard to be precise, I'd bet).

    Rephrase: I would like to see the ability to move a cursor left to right in a text box by simply placing two fingers in the screen and swiping them left and right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i4ko View Post
    7. Ability to restore cards, to the same state after restart (or shutdown) (and in the web browser, open all pages that were opened before).
    Someone suggested thumbnail bookmarks in new windows (Chrome-like would be perfect), and along those same lines, I'd love to see recently-opened pages listed at the bottom. That would mostly cover this feature you mention above. It wouldn't be as fluid as what you're suggesting, but it would be more processor/memory efficient.
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    If I could attend gotomeeting webinars on my TouchPad I would keep it.
    How much chance is there that someone will make that possible?
    Can the homebrew developers do that?

    I got a 32GB TP during the big Staples sale for only $349 plus tax (the $200 discount plus an extra $50 off because it was an open box).

    It does what I want it to do EXCEPT for gotomeeting which is a deal breaker.

    I have never even played with another tablet before so I have nothing to compare to the TP, but I have learned from reading these forums that webOS offers features not available with iOS or Android.

    Is it possible after my short experience with the TP that I will now find the alternatives disappointing?

    Oh, sorry, I realize I just got a bit off topic. I don't know anyone who has any kind of tablet so I don't know who to ask about these issues.

    Will the homebrew community keep developing apps for TP or will they move on.

    I just don't know if I should keep this or not. So far, all the 32GB TP being advertised on Craigslist are selling for more than I paid.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Seeing as though a lot of us went over to android due to lack of devices and have now come back (myself included) it would be awesome for some type of an android app to spoof the touchpad into thinking it is a webos phone for touch to share and messages/calls... could this even be possible?

    also, the open link in new card thing, how about an "open link in new background card"

    Anyway, im happy to have gotten 2 32 gb touchpads for 150 each i hope the community stays together and keeps this device going. we never needed hp in the past to keep webos great.

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