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    My TP did a full reset to factory zero yesterday. I plugged in the usb cord - which was not plugged into anything at the time - and the hp logo came up. 5-10 minute later, the TP asked me what language I liked the best ("American" is not a recognized option), then proceeded to go through the enitre initial set up. I had not made a backup of photos/movies/music, and worst of all, Angry Birds and AB Rio both reset to zero!!

    Reinstalled all my email, photos/movies and wifi settings. Had to wait for the APP Catalog to install everything all over again, but no lost programs.

    Any body else have this happen?
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    Goodness. I've read about a lot of random Luna and webOS restarts happening to folks here, but not a system wipe! That's awful.
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    If I had to hazard a guess - static electricity comes to mind. If the cord picked up a charge and was plugged in it could have reset something important that caused that device to think it was in original boot mode.

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