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    My apologies if this is a duplicate, but I haven't had luck searching this. I have Free Tether on a Palm- that works fine for me on my laptop. But when trying to use it with my Touchpad, whenever I try to get on the web it gives an error code saying there's no internet connection. Everything else says there is a connection. It finds the network no problem, it says it is connecting, then says it is connected. All the little lights are green, and boxes are filled in with server info, etc. But then it doesn't work in reality.

    If anyone has suggestions for me, or has had this problem, I'd be grateful to hear about it. I'm not very advanced technically as you might have noted, so if you could sort of dumb down your response, that would be appreciated as well... Thanks.

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    I just wanted to post again to say that I successfully tethered it. Although it essentially acted the same way throughout the process, this time it went online just fine, and I got no error messages of any kind. No idea why or what. Just happy it's working!

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