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    Can we start a feature request thread in addition to the bug and issues tracking thread? I see plenty of feature requests among the various touchpad posts. I think it would be nice to keep the requests in one thread and away from the bugs and issues.
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    Guess I'll start since I made the thread:

    web browser:
    -Native private browsing option
    -Native ability to change browser ID
    -Native/patched offline saving/browsing of articles like insta paper on iOS.
    -Long press function to save file as or download rather than default to streaming app or whatever program is appropriate for the file format.
    -continued HTML5 optimizations w/ preference for it over flash media when possible and prudent. I use to see how a browser does.

    I focused on the browser as that is likely to be perceived as the most critical part of the tablet experience and it's the most I've played with on the demo units. I'll be able to add more when I get my TP this weekend. I would think the second most critical is integration of social media and communications like email. VOIP and even remote access, etc. So that is next on my list.

    After that it would be native/patched/Apps that grant broader capabilities; example:
    My biggest wish is an ereader app that rivals ibooks and goodreader in function. Say I want to download the latest rule book for magic the gathering in PDF form: Go to the site, long press the PDF version, save as or download to where ever and be able to open the file in the ereader app. Perhaps even an option to download and open in default program automatically. From there, being able to "live search" the pdf as in ibooks is really nice; ya, the way it finds all the instances of word or phrase and then shows it in a list on the right.

    Oh, I almost forgot; ya know that app swiping in playbook? Yeah, that looks like it suppose to be in webos but it isn't :-)
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    add the back/forward gestures. since there's no gesture area, it can work like the current swipe up gesture. in the read-pages-right-to-left world, that can mean that the Back command is a swipe from left edge, and the Forward command a swipe from the right edge (almost like flipping through the scenes like pages).
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    Thanks for the suggestion, observator. Please see the new thread here:

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