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    I am a little surprised at the issues being reported with quality control and engineering of the TP. Glass separations at the bezel edge (have that), rattling volume rockers (have that, too), cracks in the cabinet/case (fortunately, not that one...). I've also noticed that my USB port isn't quite aligned with its opening in the case (I have to tweak the cable connector slightly downward to get it in). Most of these issues seem relatively minor or benign, but I still expect better from a $600 device from a major manufacturer. Back in January I bought a $300 Android tablet built by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei which is rock-solid with excellent fit and finish.
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    I've only seen a few posts about the glass issue asking if it were normal for it to move when pressed on (seems to be so far but we are checking). I have yet to see this turn into an actual manufacturing issue. And I've only read six posts where there were cracks in the case (and one said it was because it was dropped), and less than 4 reporting any type of rattle. When did I start missing the hundreds (or even tens) of posts reporting these as true "issues" and not just asking if it the glass was actually meant to have some give?
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    Who said anything about hundreds (or tens) of reports? As a field engineer for a large computer/point of sale corporation I have disassembled a lot of devices and then tried to reassemble them. I'm familiar with what a lens looks like when you can't get it to snap back into its groove in the casing correctly, and that's exactly what I see on my unit, and apparently what at least some others see on theirs. Its not a huge deal, just sloppy. Same with the volume rockers that are a bit too sloppy in their cutout, and the USB connector that's a bit low. Since others are reporting the same issues, mine is not an isolated occurrence, and if it happens more than once in the small sample of owners represented here, it qualifies as a QC problem, at least as I see it. I still like the TP but I think HP can (and should) do better.
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    I see your point, but for me with the device only being on the market a total of 13 days now and with such a small sample of people limited to a couple of threads on a single blog... I simply think calling it a QC issue is pulling the trigger on a very large gun way too soon.

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