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    When reading the posts on this subject, I was just as surprised as other after taking care of my touchpad, which by the way I believe is a great device, that I too had a creak around the speaker area. However after reading some of the disappointing stories of people sending their unit back to HP, I am not inclined to follow that path as the creak did not impact the operation of the unit, and I was, with a little application of superglue, able to repair the touchpads case.
    However this set me thinking, and I wonbered if this Touchpads susepability to cracking could not be overcome, and the esthetic look of the product restored with a simple retrofit.
    If a thin black metal band could be produced curved to fit the rounded edges of the unit, with cutouts for speakers, power and buttons, etc, with an adheasive on the inside, so the user could easially fit the band themsleves.
    This would restore the esthetic look of the unit and would re-enforce the case from further cracks or damage.
    This could be offered to HP's customers as an alternative to a replacement/refurbished unit saving them shipping charges and the hassels of a replacement unit and reloading of software and settings. It would also save HP refurbishment costs and restore some of customers good will.
    What do you think of the idea HP?
    If others think this is a good idea, please make representation to HP support accordingly.
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    HP seems to have a new policy. The online support is now directing to voice support for the crack cases. The chat guy says 'cracks don't affect the performance and people are enjoying the Touchpads..." LOL. I'm expecting a fight when I call. I also have the Sunken home button and raised screen.
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    what the hell.

    since i bought my tp it always rested in a stand.
    i used it a lot in the first month (1-3 hrs daily) but then i used it about 1 hr per week.
    it had a small crack at the headphone jack since i unboxed it.
    once per week i check if the crack gets bigger.
    at the beginning it was 0,1 cm from phone jack to the back.
    last week it was 0,5 cm to the back.
    today i checked and the crack is 2 cm from phonejack to the back and nearly complete from phone jack to screen.
    the tp wasnt used in this week and the room temperature was always from 17C to 22C.

    so now its finally time for rma
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    HP have agreed to fix my cracked case under warranty.
    Do I need to remove andoid OS CM7 before returning it to them ?
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    I would just so they cant decide to say you voided your warranty by installing android on it.

    I'm still undecided if I want to send my TP in for cracks. It wouldn't be so bad if the area around the top speaker hadn't cracked all the way through and is now a loose piece of plastic unlike the bottom one that's just a hairline from speaker to screen(only noticeable if you rub your fingers over it). I'm afraid the top one may eventually break of and/or lead to screen separation on the other hand if i send it I might get a unit back that's in worse shape. Argg decisions decisions :/
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    I decided against sending it away. Got a TPU case that hugs and hides the crack nicely.
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    I have to give HP a call about mine. this is the second time that it's cracked. My white touchpad had a crack in it when i first opened the box. I sent it in and they repaired it and sent it back. That was back in November. Today I picked up the touchpad and saw the crack. Hopefully they will fix it quickly like last time. I had it back in about a week. does anyone know the support number again?
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    I used super glue to fix my crack by the speaker. However a fe week later it crack again in the same area but a different place. This meant if I had not fixed the last crack I would have had a small piece drop off. So I have used some black insulating tape ove the area. No elegant, although you do not notice it as the unit is in an outer case. At least I know I will not have pieces fall off and it does strengthen the area.
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    Are these cracks appearing after months of use? It seems odd that you could use it for months without the issue and then one day a crack appears with no pressure or anything. Must be happening though - somehow.

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    Sheesh. My cracks have gotten markedly worse, even with the skinomi installed since Sept.

    My headphone jack crack has extended to the edge of the plastic, and one of my speaker cracks just up and decided it was going to change direction and also spread to the edge of the plastic.

    I guess I'll be sending it in, but I'll probably wait a month or two. I should probably check the other TP just to make sure its cracks haven't gotten worse.
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    Gah, just checked my launch day touchpad and noticed two tiny cracks developing towards the screen. It was pretty much perfect before so I thought I had just lucked out and wouldn't have this happen to me. Any tips on what to do before calling/sending it in? I assume all patches and preware should be removed, as well as uberkernal etc.

    My case was also warping pretty badly so I guess this is as good a time as ever to call.

    This makes me sad :-(
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    Had my TP since the fire sale. It sits on the dock on my coffee table. never dropped it. I just noticed a crack, but haven't seen it mentioned here (though I didn't read all 43 pages). The hairline crack I have is from the screen right near the camera, through the microphone, and into the back. All in all it's about an inch long.

    Thinking about drill-stopping it...
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    Just chiming in to say my refurb is going great and no cracks have developed in it. From my experience, getting a replacement is well worth it, I have a feeling (speculation) they upgraded the outer shell design/material. It's nice to not have any cracks or mends on my TP.

    If you can get an email address, you may speed up the process by sending images to the support centre of the fault. I was able to get them to do a straight swap via courier, but it might be dependent on your support center.
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    Just curious did you call in to request your send your TouchPad in or did you use the online the online support? I'm thinking online support option might be a bit easier since they want a picture but then the people on the phone might be better CSRs making your chances better of getting a repair vs a refurb unit.

    Btw for those who have sent in their TouchPad for cracking I have created a thread with a poll to better get an idea if cracking reoccurs making it easier to track.
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    I just noticed a crack next to my right speaker. I called HP after only owning this just over a month now. They are sending a pre-paid UPS box to my house, and state they'll return in in 7-10 business days. Or I could pay like $30-40 for a 4-5 business day turn around. I really hope they don't just super glue this **** back together I really didn't know these cases were this temperamental. I am the only user of the Touchpad and have never dropped it.
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    I had some cracks and I am sending my unit back this week. Now the cracks have become worse and I am very "anal" when it comes to my gadgets and I have always treated my TP with lots of TLC.

    Has any of you considered this for stopping future issues?
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    I received my TP back after about 2 weeks. I went through the online chat support. They apparently repaired my TP. They did clean of my OS as well and brought it back to 3.02. I copied everything back over again, of course not all of the patches worked and configurations some of them were written to the WebOS portion which could not be copied. I'm pretty sure this will crack again as it is probably a design issue. I'll just have to keep an eye out for it and send it back again. They did not send a refurb model as the serial number was the same.
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    I keep my Touchpad in HP rubber case at all times ,except when charging, if Touchpad feels too hot. I dealt with speaker cracks by using Plasti Dip , which can be found at Home Depot, old fashioned mom and pop hardware stores, and also online. Plasti Dip is a liquid rubber that was designed for making tool handles. I bought it in black and applied to speaker cracks with toothpick and wiped excess away with lint free lens tissue (for eye-glasses) I was very careful not to get any on speaker grilles. Gently but firmly hold in place with light pressure for 1 minute. Let it cure for 24 hours. I like Plasti Dip because it sets fast (1 min or so) but not too fast like crazy glue , has some substance for filling in minor chips and is black ,so it can hide cracks. Just use it sparingly and carefully. It's nice because it's not as brittle or hard as most glues but still holds well and does some hiding of repairs because it's black. It's strange but Touchpad casing reminds me of Bakelite-an early plastic that was popular in 1940's and 50's.It too was hard and brittle and prone to small cracks and chips along edges. My HP Touchpad rubber case is a little bent out of shape by micro-usb port and the corner by on/off and volume up/down buttons, slightly annoying but not worth buying a new case for.
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    I had mine RMA and all is good now...
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    Called HP the won't take my white to back because it wasn't an officially released product in the us :-(

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