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    Quote Originally Posted by EndOfLevelBoss View Post
    Were you holding it by gripping the side where the speakers are located? I'm wondering if it is simply holding it a certain way that tends to trigger the appearance of cracks.
    thumbs resting on inside edge of each speaker with fingers on side and on the back for support.
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    Is there a consensus as to whether those of us primarily using a multi-angle folio are LESS or MORE likely to have these problems arise? I've been using mine for a few months now with no issues, but god knows I'm checking every single time this cursed thread floats back to the top!
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    My TP cracked at the speaker and broke through toward the screen. I mixed up a bit of clear epoxy filled the gap and secured the free end. A piece of masking tape held it all in place until the epoxy cured. It is almost as good as new and I didn't have to hassle with HP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gluestick View Post
    My TP cracked at the speaker and broke through toward the screen. I mixed up a bit of clear epoxy filled the gap and secured the free end. A piece of masking tape held it all in place until the epoxy cured. It is almost as good as new and I didn't have to hassle with HP.
    by doing that would you have invalidated your warranty?
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    after a few months my two are still crack free. i use mine mostly in landscape. not sure if there is any correlation between some cracking by holding it in landscape or portrait, by so far no cracks in landscape
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    I have had mine for about a month and it is still crack free. I have a case, hold it in landscape, speakers near the top, with my hands underneath. I don't think there is any magic and I also look at the speakers each time I use it. I assume I will find cracks soon enough.

    My home button is a little recessed. Is it supposed to be recessed?
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    Rather than send my white 64gb back, I skinned it. My crack is from the speaker going to the back of the TP and is about 1/4 inch long. No separation yet. I got two sets of Skinomi skins. I put the first one on as directed. The second one was cut up and doubled skinned the speakers and the dead slot on the other side with patches. I left the volume control alone. Yes, I completely covered over the speakers. I figured since they sounded crappy anyway, I would use headphones for sound. I put it in a JustCase case. If it cracks more, so be it. I won't notice it until it starts falling apart. I didn't want to send it in and start the whole cracking process over again. Besides, I have a perfect screen with zero flaws.
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    Quote Originally Posted by upsidedown View Post
    I am planning to send mine back. Called the number and was very clear that I wanted a repair and not a replacement. When I got the shipping box I also received an email stating that at HP's discretion I may receive a replacement. I believe this is just a template but now concerned that I will not receive my tp back. Has anyone had experience. When you stated you wanted a repair did you get your original tp back?

    I got a refurb when I sent my TP in for cracked case repair. Thankfully the refurb unit was/has been fine, so I'm not disappointed. I specifically asked for a repair, not replacement, but only made that request on the phone with the initial cs phone conversation.
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    I know about saving photos and such, and doing a full erase, but do I need to deinstall the CM7 upgrade? If I leave it will I get nailed for breaking warranty?
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    Ugh, my replacement Touchpad now has a crack too . Very annoyed.
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    Any suggestions on how I can fix the crack? Special kind of tape, glue?

    No point in sending it back into repair since it's gonna get cracked again. It's part of the touchpad's DNA.
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    I seriously hope that HP gives us all "after warranty" advice for our crumbling touchpads. Since getting my replacement, I'm absolutely paranoid of getting more cracks and I'm holding the TP in akward ways just to reduce the pressure on the case... I can't live like this! LOL

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    Now it's happened to me as well.

    I'll still never stop smiling about every webOS user requiring a flawless device while all of the iPhone users with cracked glass or plastics (in 3G/S versions) I know just suck it up, blame themselves for having mistreated their gadget, and sing Apple's praises.

    As for myself, a plastic crack isn't going to change the way my device works so I'm saving up my panic for the zombie apocalypse.
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    Where is it? left speaker?
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    I now have a crack on the left speaker (inboard) all the way to the glass. Also have a crack at the usb port. I will just wait to see how it goes. This is a 4G model that HP replaced my wifi model with because of another issue and they wanted to make it right. That ended up being a good experience and HP did make it right.

    Now have a crack on the right speaker as well, toward the glass just like the left speaker.
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    Well so far the crack issue seems to be a cosmetic issue. Funny its similar to what happened to the polycarbonite core duo/core 2 Apple Macbooks a few years back.
    I'm worried however it might turn into something worse right about after the warranty expires on the TP. I could see things like the screen separation happening(already might be related), parts falling out, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post

    As for myself, a plastic crack isn't going to change the way my device works so I'm saving up my panic for the zombie apocalypse.
    Unfortunately, when you get a crack going towards the back of the device, you'll be screwed if you're out of warranty because it WILL cause problems. Once my warranty is up, I'll be investing in tape and glue :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EP2011 View Post
    So I sent out my cracked Touchpad on Monday and received a replacement today (Thursday). I'm highly impressed with the speed in which HP handled this, but the unit I got back seems to have issues....

    The rubber band which goes around the screen is raised in some areas and sunken in others, to the point where I can easily get my fingernail under the glass. It seems stable, but I know this is a problem and really don't want to send the unit back again to get another refurb (which will likely have another problem).

    So, should I wait until this unit develops speaker cracks before sending it back, or should I send it back because of the rubber band issue?

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    hey EP, can you post pics of how bad your sunken rubber was? Mine is fine all around except for near the home button and I'm wondering if its bad enough to cause a possible issue in the future. I'm wondering how bad it has to be to allow the glass to lift and if its worth risking a refurb
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    Sigh... Speaker hairline crack showed up this weekend. Thought I was going to avoid this issue. It had been in a satchel bag for a week, protected. How the heck, could that of happened? Heat is the only thing I can think?

    Not sure I feel comfortable sending it back for a refurb. The cure might be worse than the disease - and this looks only cosmetic. That leaves self repair and strengthening.

    I could try epoxy..but I could see me gunking everything up.
    I am thinking I might try Sugru for the first time on this.

    Anyone have any experience?
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    I have the same issue and same concern. I'm afraid to send it back for refurbishmnt..

    Still debating.
    Hope more people share their stories After the item was refurbished or exchanged.

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