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    At work we use a shared drive which we also have web access to. I am able to use my TP to login and navigate. When i select the file (in this case a .xlsx) it will download and appear on the right of the browser with the green excel icon. When I tap 'open' it says "cannot open MIME type file). The download doesn't appear in Quick Office to open that way.

    Witnout the ability to map the drive this is a big part of me being able to use my TP at work. Any suggestions?
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    Do you have Internals installed? Is it showing up in your downloads folder?
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded Internals and it appears in the folder. The original name of the file was sixth.xlsx but appears as cifs and it says it's 100mb (no way that's true). When I rename it to .xls or .xlsx it will launch Quick Office but I get the message saying it encountered an error with this file. I will try downloading a .doc and see what happens.

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