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    got my touchpad over the weekend. i noticed something out of the ordinary: when i'm holding the portrait mode, right around the middle of the left edge of the screen, when i put a little pressure, the screen has a little give. the rest of the edges seem to be nice and tight. i called my butler service and his touchpad depresses as well. he thinks it's the starting point for when you're taking the casing off but wasn't sure. he said he'll check with an actual engineer and let me know via email.

    anyone else seeing this? or more to the point, concerned about it?
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    Mine does the same. The best buy employee actually showed me on their demo. As long as it doesn't separate I don't really care.
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    If I press in on mine there is a slight bit of give, but to me it feels like it is because there is some thin pad or gasket behind that is allowing a bit of compression.
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    That is exactly what I experienced at Best Buy when the wife and I went there to test drive a TouchPad. The screen would sink into the frame if I pressed down on it with my thumbs. I don't think it's supposed to do that. I went to Office Depot last night and they had a TP on display. It's screen was tight and would not sink at all.
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    yeah, when i get a chance, i'm heading over to BB to check their demo units out. if the compression is consistent in its location (middle left edge), then maybe it is there by design to pop open the casing. but if it's all over the place, then maybe it's a QC issue.
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    Mine has this flex and at first it caused a slight noise when I released my grip. Noise has since resolved itself.
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    There was a thread about this earlier (Touchpad Glass Separation). Seems to be in different places on different units (mine is by the Home button). Looks to me like the top layer of the screen is slightly too large to snap into its groove in the case all the way around.
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    I hope you guys arent serious
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    Just checked mine, tight at all 4 corners.
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    mine is creaky as well. so how was that resolved?

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