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    does everyones tp have a rattling sound sround the volume rocker if you shake the tp back and forth? Its obvious what the rattle is but its kind of lame for a $600 device. I was wondering if everyone has this problem.
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    that shouldn't happen. I'd exchange it asap.
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    Nope, no problems here....
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    Yep, mine does. Very faintly. Never noticed it before.
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    No problem with mine. I think I read something about a dummy sim card slot near the volume rocker.
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    my rattle is pretty bad. something has to be loose in there.. so if i take it back for a replacement what do i do to get all my stuff off? just the restart with full erase?
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    My rattle is significant as well. But it doesnt bother me enough to return it.
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    Um, make sure you aren't hearing the accelerometers. On my iPhone, I could shake it and hear it rattling.
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    My does it also, but the case fixes that problem and the fingerprint issue on the back.
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    Nope, nada
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    I've got the rattle too. Womp womp.
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    Just got my HP Touchpad. I heard something rattling inside when I turned it. It wasn't the rocker switch. It stopped rattling as I assume whatever it was is not lodged.

    Anyone else have rattle that isn't the volume rocker?

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