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    Wouldn't this be a great commercial about "Synergy"?

    I'm sure you guys have seen those pens with all 3 colors included, no need to carry 3 different freaking pens. That's Synergy, no need for many different apps, when it comes to handling and managing certain informations.

    Imagine a commercial purely focus on "Synergy":

    Showing someone you can have your linked IN/Facebook/Gmail/Aim/exchange/skype informations linked as one in one place with very minimal effort.

    So you show your contact not having 5 different entries for John Doe. With "Synergy" you just have "one" John Doe and all his info's.

    Show your calendar displaying facebook/gmail/exchange info's all in one, you want to look at one, just click the color assigned to it.

    Show your messaging app, you started a convo with John Doe from facebook and you want to switch to google talk, you just tap and select google... you want to switch to aim? you tap and switch to aim... you want skype? tap and switch to skype. ALL IN ONE VIEW

    Show your email app, all your email sources combined. No need to fumble through this email app and that email app. Synergy brings it ALL IN ONE.

    Show your phone app, no need to have a skype app. webOS has you covered, just open your phone app and skype away.

    I'm sure somehow someway HP would be able to make a nice commercial showcasing that in 30/40 seconds or so.

    webOS needs apps no doubt, but showcasing some of the simplicity of webOS and power of Synergy will definitely attract new users. Their commercials needs to be creative and show pure distinction and value of webOS compared to other platforms. The stock email app and calendar are some of the best available in a tablet currently, so they need to showcase these.
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