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    sometimes when makin calls on my touchpad the sound gets messed up so have to end the call and call back then it works fine. Is this s fixable thing through an ota update or should I be concerned?
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    I assume an OTA update will cure this, but currently I would say almost exactly half of my Skype calls experience the dreaded "tinny ear of death" and require me to hang up and reconnect. You can tell immediately when it is dialing because it sounds robotic and without fullness.
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    When paired with my Pre plus in the next room the person on the other line said they hear major feedback of themselves talking.

    Does everyone experience this? Or is something just not configured correctly with my connection?

    Im guessing it may work better with a headset plugged into the 3.5 jack. Maybe that great sounding speaker system is too much for the mic on the Touchpad?
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    ok glad i shouldnt be worried about it

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