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    Has anyone else noticed that the Touchstone power adapter (that looks identical to the TP one) won't charge TP?

    I've left the TP one at home and just dropped the other adapter in my bag along with the cable - and it says there is insufficient power to recharge the device.... they may look identical however...
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    When you say "Touchstone power adapter," do you mean the Touchstone for your phone?
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    the TP needs 2 amps.....
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    they might "look" identical but one is actually bigger and doesnt have a palm logo on it.
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    Are you talking about the TouchPad's Touchstone or one of the mobile touchstones? It'd be odd if the TouchPad's touchstone cable can't charge it!
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    Short version: similar style, different units. The TP adapter is distinguishable by its greater length, and because it puts out the higher amperage needed by the TouchPad, although it can safely charge the phones too.

    By the way, the iPad and iPhones have similarly almost identical wall chargers with different outputs. (Oh, and TouchPad chargers work fine to charge iPads. We're nice that way. *grin*) {Jonathan}
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    I think he is talking about the cylinder that you plug into the wall and plug the USB cable into. The TP one is about 60% longer than the Pre one. This allows 2 amps instead of 1? amp the phones need.
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    Sorry - I forgot there are Palm Pre users here as well...I've never even seen one of those!

    This is all Touchpad - and it's Touchstone stand - and the cylindical wall chargers. I must admit I haven't taken enough notice to check if they are different lengths.

    Good tip re the Apple chargers - we have one of those as well.
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    Look at the AC adapter for the touchstone and post the output voltage and current...
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    Pre- adapter and Pre- Touchstone adapter =5.0V @ 1.0A
    Touchpad adapter and Touchpad Touchstone adapter =5.3V @ 2.0A
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    check the plug end of the barrel, it actually can be turned approximately 1/4 turn. It must be turned so that the plug prongs are aligned with the decal with specs.
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    Just got home - a very long day - both the TP and the TP Touchstone Adapters are identical in everyway.

    I have a dead one - that will be a call to HP in the morning then.

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