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    I'm assuming the fact that the touchpad comes preinstalled with only HP printer drivers that allows HP printers to work but has there been any talk of other companies being able to "plug into" the same core functionality as HP printers? A kind of printer synnergy?

    I have an Epson that I quite like and really like the way printing is setup in webos 3.0 but I'm not going to rush out and buy anouther HP printer just to work with my touchpad.
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    Well I'm not sure but this is what I imagine.
    When I had my touchpad... it automatically recognized my printer on my network and was available for use instantly. No drivers, steps for install, or configurations, it was just there. Love it. Over all both Epson and HP have stepped up their game on installing printers over the years and it just get better. But lets say they license to Samsung and they put webos on the fridge. I would be able to print out a recipe, shopping list, or the fridge inventory. (I dunno I'm just saying). However, this is what I would expect with synergy. Since the drivers are "built into" or somehow not necessary with webos I'm not sure if they could integrate Epson. But it would be nice to have a company develop a network adapter for other types of printers for your needs.
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    The TouchPad will only work with printers that support the PCL language. I have two HP printers. A low end P1102w (wireless) and a 4700. The P1102w is not PCL and does not work but the 4700 is PCL and works great.

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