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    I just bought my HP Touch Pad and loving it However I cant get my Touchpad to discover my PDAnet wifi off my phone. Does anyone know how I can get it to work I need to be able to tether my tablet while mobile for my business..
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    What error are you getting? Walk us through what you're doing and what the screen is saying. Also, is your PDAnet wifi running on a channel higher than 11? I've noticed the TP doesn't play well with non-US standard wifi channels.
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    Your PDAnet WiFi network is probably in 'ad-hoc' mode, which is not supported on webOS.
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    newsalt is correct. I tried using WMWifirouter and discovered webOS does not support ad-hoc mode. To my knowledge, that is the only way to create a hotspot on a mobile device (at least on WM). I guess that forces TouchPad users to either get a Palm phone or 4g on the device.

    If anyone knows of software that will turn a WM phone into a supported TP hotspot, please speak up. I'm waiting for the Pre3 before I make the switch from WM, so my TouchPad is pretty useless when I leave home right now.
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    Just waiting for webOS 3 on the phones. Please hurry, HP!
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    This is an older post but because I just went through this I thought I would comment.
    I was running an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1 jailbroken and PDAnet.
    As mentioned above, on all iOS versions before 4.3 (att) only support an ad-hoc wireless connection, which the touchpad will not see. So to resolve this, I upgraded my iOS version to 4.3.3. This version supports an "infrastructure" wireless connection. I now run PDAnet and the touchpad sees and connects no problem.
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    Do a search for ad-hoc wifi tethering and you will find a software patch for the TP that will let you tether to ad-hoc services. I have it and I tether to my Nokia via JoikuSpot and it works great.

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