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    Staples.comŪ | StaplesŪ Coupons

    Valid through 7/16

    Combine with the $50 HP rebate and the 32gb can be had for $500+tax.
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    The staples i went to didnt have a TP or any paraphernalia for it. Anyone play with one there?
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    "We're sorry, the following item is out of stock."

    From their web site when you try to buy a TouchPad.
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    Now I am getting annoyed with all these discounts. I received my $20 refund back from Best Buy and combined with the $50 from HP, I am feeling a little better but $50 from Staples is more that $20 from Best Buy
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    I just got the Staples coupon via email. Our local Staples display says they won't get the TP in stock until the 17th or something like that.
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    Take the Coupon to Office Depot/Max. I think one of them honors competitor coupons.
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    ***, every single tablet they have listed on their website is "out of stock".
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    I was in a Staples today and asked the salesman about the Touchpad. He said they didn't have any yet but have a displayed set up for it. My guess is by this weekend.

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    I called my local Staples and they said they just got them in at the store and should be for sale before the 16th . I hope so because I'm dying to get one, but $600 for 32 GB is a bit much.

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