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    Quote Originally Posted by Merovingian View Post
    Hmmm, disagree there. My Tab hasn't crashed due to flash, and definitely not in the past hour. Not opera/dolphin/stock/e.t.c.
    To each his/her own.

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    Yes, to each its own. I think that's one of the problems with Android. There are too many platforms out there doing their own thing. There are literally hundreds of different hardware combinations and 6 different versions of the OS floating out there adding to what amounts to mass confusion. My son has a Samsung Android phone and I have (had) an Archos 70 250GB Android tablet (it's my wife's now). Flash crashes constantly on both of them because its not optimized for them. Each device needs its own special version of flash, not necessarily the one that comes in the market. High end 3D games only work on some of the devices. I bought Asphalt 5 for the Archos and it wouldn't even play! Gameloft refused to give me my money back because I bought it from the market and not them, plus I was passed my 15 minutes for a refund because it took 30 minutes to download the additional 250 or so megabytes of data to run the game. I spent too much time on forums just like this one trading secrets on how to get stuff from the market to work on my android devices. We won't even go into detail on the dozens of home replacements that get killed by the OS, unless of course you root your device which is another pain in the rear and voids the warranty on most devices. I like the potential that Android has but not the headaches! Google needs to get control of their hardware partners! There's my rant for today.

    WebOS may not have the multitude of apps that Android has or even the exotic hardware but at least when I select an app out of the app store I know it's going to work. No reading the fine print or second guessing. iOS is the same but it is not as easy to use as some people suggest. I find using my iPod Touch to do anything other than playing music or an occasional game to be a pain in the ****. Since the iPad and iPhone are slightly different versions of the iPod Touch, I could not justify frustrating myself further by buying one (I did have an iPhone for a week and took it back!).

    As to your sue me comment, cute! You have a right in my county to free speech. I just wondered why you were executing that right here instead of at XDA Developers or Android Central. As a matter of fact you can find some of my post about my Android devices there (were they gain more weight).

    Cheers! You're a lot of fun to dispute!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lukehale View Post
    Also, I don't really feel this thread needs to turn into yet another Android and/or iOS vs Touchpad arguement. . . There are plenty of those. The OP was about how people seem to actually be loving the Touchpad. Why can't we at least have ONE thread that doesn't have to have negativity in it? Sure, comparison is valid, but it doesn't have to be brought into EVERYTHING. Just sayin.
    I apologize for taking the bait. I just read your post. Did not mean to turn it into that. It just seems that whenever there is some good news about a platform (be it webOS, Android, or iOS) someone from the other side likes to step in and rain on the parade. Chaps my hide, but I will try better in the future to ignore the Debby Downers.
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    some people are just looking for/expecting webOS devices to fail because they don't take it very seriously as they do your average 'mainstream' OS, and of course the "failed" Pre is always in the back of people's minds but really, i find webOS superior in many ways. to know it is to love it. i believe the reviewers are unconsciously biased against anything that's not Android/iOS since they are the two on top and everything else just seems non-competitive to them (i call shenanigans).
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilKell View Post
    Compared to an iPad 2; however, the TouchPad's capabilities are significantly limited. Reviewers have been pretty kind to the Touchpad IMHO. They've overlooked some of the OS glitches and missing features while hoping new apps and OS updates will help the device out.
    And, of course, compared to the TouchPad, the iPad's capabilities are significantly limited. No Flash, no JustType, limited synergy, limited multi-tasking, and a license that makes you a violator if you "jailbreak" your own device.

    It's all a matter of perspective, of course. Thanks for reminding us that most of us are here because we like the devices and want to learn (and help) more.
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