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    I also posted this in Bugs thread:

    Browser - going Back to previous page doesn't remember page position when viewed before - goes back to the top without any zoom used.
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    I am unable to load the control panel page for my website. It normally pops up a login box when you hit the URL, but on the Touchpad (and the Pre/Pre 2 as well) it never loads. I am going to PM you with the URL.
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    Website: Sky Sports | Football News

    Behavior Experienced: When the Football+ link is selected the page shows the dropdown but then reloads the page before any options are able to be selected.

    Expected Behavior: when clicking on the football+ link the website should provide a dropdown box to provide more links.
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    Behavior Experienced: When you try to watch a trailer the movie player opens but the movies fail to start. Conversely you can try clicking on the embedded player buttons but nothing happens

    Expected Behavior: trailers play when clicked on.
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    Website: BBC

    Behavior Experienced: Website reloads automatically on any page with embedden video or audio.

    Expected Behavior: Website to load normally and be able to play Audio and Video when attempted.

    Has been happening on various other peoples Touchpads after doing some asking around, very frustrating.
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    Website: Slope Of Hope with Tim Knight

    Behavior Experienced: This website uses a custom comment system that can occasionally produce very long pages. On many occasions, after several pages of comments, further comments are cutoff and the checkerboard pattern appears.

    Expected Behavior: Display of the complete page with comments and with new comments added automatically every few minutes. This is a stock trading site so it is most active when the U.S. stock market is open.
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    behavior: not all the pictures on home page load.

    expected behavior: all news story pictures load

    This has been happening since owning the TP and I visit the site 5+ times a day.
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    website - precentral forums

    click on "today's posts" and the browser gets stuck loading. The progress bar gets about 15% of the way across and halts. Sometimes it might get through if I try several times.

    This behaviour appears on various websites, but the precentral forums appear to be the worst.

    Update - solved this with a router firmware update. Surprised it was a network issue, but there you go, I was fooled! Anyone with Netgear n150 dng1000 routers, go to their website and get the firmware update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post

    Behavior Experienced: some videos load. Others do not load but rather pull up second window with Pre video icon and then go into a spinning circle. Occasionally the spinning circle stops and I see a long video rectangle with a play button (longer than the youtube page) but play button is unresponsive

    Expected Behavior: All youtube videos should play.

    Note: on one of the forums, people suggested my network connection could be bad but at the same time I pulled up on the TouchPad and was able to play those videos. I was also able to play those videos on my laptop (some of the ones that did not play on the TouchPad were simple 1 minute videos that I created on my Pre and uploaded).
    I have been having this same issue on my wife's TouchPad. I've had mine since original launch day and haven't seen this issue, so it caught me off guard. I tried changing language setting on (as recommended by another thread) and had no luck. It didn't have anything to do with connection speeds since both my TouchPad and hers were on the same wifi network.

    Solution (so far): I did a reset through the "device info -> Reset Options -> Erase Apps and Data" and after going back through the initial setup of the TouchPad, I tried a video I was having this problem with and it was no longer launching the video player, but actually playing within the browser as it should. The TouchPad is currently downloading all the updates to the apps, but if it somehow has the problem after all updates I'll have a better idea of what the cause might be.
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    behavior experienced: page appears to try to load over and over but never does.
    behavior expected: page should load successfully.
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    2. Can not open page link to renew registration.

    3. Expected to be able to open webpage.
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    2. Flash content gives 'connection failed' error

    3. Flash content should play as normal.

    Happens on my touchpad and pre2 but works fine on other flash devices (PC, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Boxee Box).
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    2. Log in with my credentials and nothing happens.

    3. Should log in normally like it does on my computer/iphone/laptop.
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    2. Enter my address information at the top, go to submit the form, nothing happens.

    3. Should go to the next screen.
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    Enter the account number works. It takes me to next page.

    It asks for savings account balance, since TP is a new computer and this website always asks for security info on new computers (give 5 choices of different amount with radio buttons).

    I choose the correct amount but it's hit or miss. Sometimes it takes me to next page or sometimes it gives error message saying they can't help me (as if I entered wrong choice).

    Called the bank IT support and they suggested I use their mobile site, which works fine.
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    Anyone knows why the browser saves a corner of the page instead of the favicon in the icon of the bookmarks? How stupid is this?
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    Cant move or resize chat windows. Instead of manipulating the items of the website, taping moves the hole page around.
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    Zattoo Live TV

    Cant scroll through channel list and EPG. Instead of manipulating the items of the website, taping moves the hole page around. And it don't remember the login data even when the box ist checked.
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    Behavior Experienced: After typing the login ID and password, and pressing enter, the page refreshes and I am taken back to login again.

    Expected Behavior: After entering the login ID and password it should take me to another page, allowing me to select a class to see quizzes/practice tests, etc.

    I searched this thread for .aspx and it seems 3 other people who have issues with certain websites, also contain .aspx. So is it safe to assume the webOS browser doesn't support ASP.NET? Is it capable of supporting ASP.NET?

    Thanks by the way for starting this thread
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    site: HBO: Game of Thrones: Viewer's Guide
    behavior experienced: page loads but cannot scroll the right panel.

    I have noticed that on some sites you can double tap and the browser seems to go into a mode that allows you to scroll divs. But others like the one above don't work.
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