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    same here on the school website.

    also, loads for me then when the bar gets to 80% everything terms white and I can mo longer see anything like a blank page. Maybe a popup flash problem?

    edit ... Enabling popup blocking did not resolve
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    I too am having trouble with my online schools web portal. But it doesn't support webkit in general, so I doubt there is little HP can do about it.

    Interestingly enough, I'm getting a bunch of "Java not enabled" errors. Kind of amusing when using a Java-based OS.
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    Behavior Experienced: Randomly crashes and resets TP while loading pages. No particular page; any page can crash it.
    Expected Behavior: Surf pages crash free

    Behavior Experienced: Get both 'Can't Load Page' and 'Unable to resolve host' messages when navigating to new pages. Will often get can't load page multiple times as I hit refresh before page is usable. May still display error message but page shows loaded and functional. Browser crashes however when video is manipulated in any way ie, changing volume, skipping ahead.
    Expected Behavior: Surf pages crash and error free.

    Behavior Experienced: Constantly reloads and reloads and reloads, never actually showing page.
    Expected Behavior: Display page for surfing.

    Website: Many random webpages (Amazon, foxnews)
    Behavior Experienced: Will load to near full before whiting out all images and image text. Reload may help restore in some cases.
    Expected Behavior: See the pictures/webpage.
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    Behavior Experienced: Slacker radio web player/web app does not show up at all in the browser

    Expected Behavior: Slacker radio web player should appear and be functional

    Note: Pandora's web player displays and functions properly.
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    Website: Google Docs, Evernote
    Behavior experienced:
    Select does not work properly, seems to think that the text box is stuck to the left side of the really have to try this to get a picture, but when you try to select text, the select/select all options appear about half a screen away from the text you're trying to select. Still works, just confusing.

    Expected behavior: Select/Select all appears right where the cursor is.
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    Behaviour: doesn't allow me to log in, receive invalid username/password error.
    However I can log in using a laptop
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    Behavior: Endless refreshing of the page. Page loads, then it refreshes and loads again. When it's done loading it refreshes and loads again. Again, again, and again.
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    Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.1
    (untested on 3.0)

    (once loaded, click on internet banking)

    Page loads, seemingly fine, but once completed its a blank white page.

    To load normally. This website used to work fine. The full-site version used to work and also has stopped working.

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    Link: CrackBerry App Superstore: BlackBerry Apps

    Behavior Experienced: Go to check my app account on the above link and it resets the Touchpad. Replicated three times.

    Behavior Expected: Able to view the website without problems.
    All for One and One for All!
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post

    Behavior: Endless refreshing of the page. Page loads, then it refreshes and loads again. When it's done loading it refreshes and loads again. Again, again, and again.
    Same issue with I switched off the flash, and it loaded properly on 2 tries, and kept refreshing on 3 tries.
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    i've got a couple of issues:

    1) Precentral forums

    experienced behavior... Try logging in... Endless reloads of thank you for logging in screen. Only way around is to check remember me and restart browser once endless cycle starts.

    expected behavior... Log in and post.

    2) any long page

    experienced behavior... When pinch zooming in/out... It will zoom in/out as expected, then flash the checkered screen and throw me further up the page then where I was.

    expected behavior... Zoom in/out as desired.
  12. #72 you can hit it, navigate, log in, I even almost played a song but every time at one of those steps it will crash the tPad (luna restart). uverse when you try to put in your username/email addr it wont let you put an @ symbol. So no logging in to pay your bill or manage your dvr. You can log into and use the phone account side because it uses your phone number as the username and otherwise the site works pretty well. So easy fix/win if the right ppl know about this one. Both of these are disappointing because they would "replace" apps.
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    Experienced Behavior: Tapping "Features" or "Reviews" on the left menu immediately navigates to the first article with no way to get to the other articles.

    Expected Behavior: A sub-menu should pop up, allowing you to choose which article to view.

    Note: The content is behind a pay-wall, so you will likely need to register for a $4.95/issue subscription to reproduce this problem.

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    Please try the following websites...



    You can try links within the above webpages...many times they keep reloading the websites...At times...they do work and remain steady after loading...

    Not sure what the issue is....whether it is the flash on HP touchpad or something else...i don't have that issue on desktop...Thanks
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    has anyone reported that the touchpad can't leave comments on the front page here?
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    Arizona Department of Education Web Site

    Arizona Department of Education

    Any page, other than the home page, menu on left is all on one line. Once on main page, click on any of the left menu pages. The new page should have menus on the left side.

    Also, any drop-down menus (such as here, many newspaper sites, etc.) - This has already been mentioned several places
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    website: Application:MetaDoctor - WebOS Internals

    behavior: crashes luna

    expected: load page
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argyle View Post
    Website: Maybe not a normal webpage, but the AT&T login page for their wifi portals at Starbucks does not render correctly on the network login page. Attempting to log in from the normal browser does not work because the browser is disabled before you login.

    Behavior: Text in the login box does not render correctly. In particular the "I accept the terms and conditions" text and checkbox is garbled/obscured, making it difficult/impossible to log in.

    Expected Behavior: Login page renders correctly allowing me to get my wi-fi on at Starbucks without tethering to my phone....
    Confirmed on my 32GB TouchPad. Portrait mode is what I was using, IIRC.
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    I'm having trouble viewing my bookmarks on "" Xmarks is a password/bookmark sharing website (used to be foxmarks). On the TP, the top of the page shows, but the actual listing of the bookmarks does not. It doesnt appear to be a flash issue. Would love to figure this out, so I can have my bookmarks easily shared.
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    website: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

    behavior: page load indicates complete, but scrolling more than halfway down page makes text vanish.

    expected: text remains for my reading pleasure
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