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    6 37.50%
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    9 56.25%
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    How do you mostly use your touchpad?

    I personally use it in Portrait 99.9% of the time. I think it better resembles a piece of paper, which I like. In fact, I really hate widescreen tablets for that reason. The android tablets all come in a widescreen form factor that makes it incredibly uncomfortable to use it in portrait mode. That's why I was so glad that the TouchPad was made with the same ratio as iPad. That's the way to go, I think.

    I only use it on landscape for games (i have to) and writing memos because I like to type on the landscape keyboard.
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    I use it in Landscape 99.9% of the time for games, music, web browsing, videos, and so on. Same orientation as my 22" LCD monitor, HDTV, etc...

    However, once the Kindle app releases (pleasepleaseplease soon....) my portrait orientation will go waaaay up.
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    Portrait, with thumb typing. Once I get the case to use setting it on a table, I expect that will change about half the time.

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