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    I'm going to be travelling quite a bit in the coming weeks with my new Touchpad. Every time I have had a new Palm or WebOS product, I get lots of looks from iphone/ipad colleagues.

    Question: If you had one or two minutes to show an ipad user your Touchpad, what would you focus on? What is the thing in our tablets that impress an ipad owner and how do you communicate that in a short interaction?

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    I'd show how to do multiple things at once, thanks to Cards. Also, gotta show off Just Type.

    You said iPad, right? There is this thing called Flash that I don't think apple users know to exist.
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    And how about demoing the sound effects that play as you pull a card down and release (when in landscape with speakers up)?

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    while doing the demo just make sure it does not crash, especially the flash demo.
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    Looks like this guy knows how to show off a TouchPad:
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    Don't open anything u know that's buggy or has a history of crashing.

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