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    I have an issue that is a mystery for now. My Palm Profile calendar events are not being synced onto my TouchPad. HP doesnt even know why, or not yet. Either no one else has this issue, or the ones who have dont care or havent noticed because the last tech told me this hasnt happened before. After talking to 4 different techs, Im supposed to get a call back from a level 3 tech because no one has a clue why. So, any one else have initial sync issues?

    Other than that I LOVE my TouchPad. What a great device!
    If you happen to be on the fence about getting one, DO IT! Youll love it!
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    My Yahoo calendar is not syncing to or from Touchpad at all. It's not just you. I just discovered this while checking on a meeting time. This is BAD.
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    I was just on phone with HP support, and she had me delete my Yahoo account from the Touchpad. Then re-enter the Yahoo account as new account.

    This seems to work now for new stuff I enter in Yahoo - but not the old entries. However, if I entered it via the Pre2, now shows up. So not totally fixed.

    Apparently it is something that was goofed up from my profile going from Pre to Pre2 to TouchPad.

    The funny thing is that I hadn't noticed for 10 days as I get my reminders from Yahoo via my phone, anyway.
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    I have been having calendar issues with my TP since I got it in early July:

    -None of my events show, regardless of the type of calendar - I have Google, Yahoo and Exchange accounts all running
    -Reminders pop up 15 minutes before, so obviously the events are there, they are just not displayed in any calendar view
    -I have contacted HP support who had me send some logs and allegedly my case is being escalated to 3rd level engineer
    -WebOS doctor has been run as well as numerous erase and restore and all manner of deleting and re-entering all accounts and nothing works.
    -The only small success i had was setting up an entirely new palm profile and adding my yahoo account which showed calendar events. But then when I added the exchange account my calendar stopped showing the yahoo events in every view but the day one.

    I have no faith that HP will get back to me with a resolution, so the only other thing I can think of is that somehow it doesnt like the fact that I am sharing a palm profile with my Pre2 (which shows all my calendar events fine) so I will try deleting the accounts from the phone and then adding on the TP etc.

    I have to say that if I didn't love other aspects of WebOS and the TP it would have been sent back weeks ago. Calendar sync is fundamental for me, but my patience is starting to wear pretty thin

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