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    I was watching Discovery channel, and on comes Pacquiao with a HUGE veer in front of his face? Lo and behold, this was no veer, but a Touchpad!

    Has the marketing campaign begun?
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    yeah, the commercials have started popping up on USA, Nick and other channels
    I see pandas.
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    Just walked by the tv in the middle of a Russel Brand ad that we haven't seen before. It was a long one for Just Type. Really seemed to show it's strength from what I saw.

    Pretty cool!
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    it is said the aggressive ad campaign starts on July 17th...

    Boston Globe:
    Bradley said in an interview that July 1 was a “soft launch’’ for the TouchPad and that more advertising will start on July 17. The company also plans to issue a software update for the tablet in about 10 days, he said.
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    yes, I have seen them on fox news, during the all star game and on bravo....all just tonight
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    seen pacquio quite a bit on foxnews the last few days

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